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All about the Tea!

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You guys are probably aware by now, that I am a huuuuuge tea fan! 

I'm a minimum of 3x cups of Tetley in the morning kinda of girl (I swear I'm turning into my mother!!).

I drink Green Tea throughout the day, then late afternoon/evening it's back on the Tetley (which, I have been trying to switch things up lately and have de-caff tea instead, I'm such a rebel!!!).

Before bed, I like to have a Chamomile Tea, it just, relaxes me and I loooooove the taste.

Oooo and not forgetting Peppermint! Peppermint Tea is lush and if you can get Green Tea with Peppermint, OMG! even better - it's sooooo good for you!!

Hmmmm, I think I am a bit of an addict, haha!

(If you want further, more professional info on all things tea, check out TwiningsWhittard of Chelsea and Holland & Barrett's websites!)

Anyway, whilst nosing around on Pinterest, I spotted this image about loads of different teas and their benefits, so I had to share it with you guys!

 Image from Pinterest

Are you a bit of a tea monster like me? What's your favorite? What do you recommend?! I'm always on the look out for new brands and blends!!

Heather ♥

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  1. I too am a tea monster, although as you know still struggling to get my head around the herbal-y ones. I had a little sample of matcha powder not long ago and that apparently is the king of all green tea, its the actual leaves ground down and has amazing super powers!!!!!!!!! I tried it in smoothies, and aslo made a matcha latte which was really nice. Its very expensive though which is the down side.
    Keep on tea drinking!!!!!!

    1. Ooh that sounds fab! Gonna have to keep an eye out for that!! x x

  2. I totally feel you! I'm also a huge fan of tea


  3. I love tea! My favourite one i've come across is the Spiced Winter Red tea by Teapigs, i'm not sure if it was a winter limited edition one, but it was so nice! I want tea now!

    1. Oooh that sounds lush, will have to keep an eye out for it!!
      x x


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