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The last few weeks....

Have been insane!

First of all big apologies that I haven't been updating my blog! I haven't forgotten you all and thank you for still hanging around! We have had some pretty major life changes recently and haven't really had time to stop, breath and think!

I'm sure if you follow my Insta and Twitter you may have gathered we are no longer living in the UAE. I won't bore you with the in's and out's, but we have pretty much left and are now living in Spain! Hooray!

It all happened very quickly and we basically had to pack up our life, arrange fur-babies documents to travel to Europe, arrange shipping and god knows what else in just over a week! Madness! But we did it! It's amazing what you can get done when it 'has' to be done in a very, very short time frame! But, hey, that's the expat life, can change at a flick of a switch!

After a very looooong plane journey from Dubai to Madrid, when every time we hit some turbulence I burst into tears, as all I could imagine were my fur-babies being thrown around in the hold! But they were fine and I cannot explain the happiness and joy when they were brought out to us in the baggage hall by two very friendly airport staff. So relieved my fur-babies survived and seemed absolutely fine and not fazed at all! They were having a good nose out of their boxes to see what was going on!

We then had a four and a half hour car journey south to where our house is and again they were so good and pretty much just slept the whole journey.

All four of us are now safely in our beautiful home here in Spain. We are all enjoying the extra space and the fur-babies are getting on so much better then when we were in the poxy apartment in the UAE. All round life is soo much better and we're all much much happier!

Since we've been here we've been enjoying the beautiful sunshine, pottering in our garden, doing some jobs around the house and exploring our area. Time goes so quickly here it's crazy and it stays light so late you really do lose track of your days!

To be honest we've never been happier and are so happy we left the UAE. I really do believe things happen for a reason and some things that happen in life are a blessing in disguise and give you that 'push' you need to do and live the life you really want!

We are planning on heading back to the UK soon and splitting our time between there and Spain and living in our own homes. To me that's 'living the dream'.

I'm so happy to be back on my blog and I think there's gonna be some exciting posts coming up! So stay tuned!

Hasta luego mi amigos!

Heather x x


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