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Danesfield House - Buckinghamshire UK

A couple of months ago during our eight week stint in Spain we popped over to the UK for a couple of nights to visit Marks family. We had the hotels all booked and arranged (so we thought). The flight was great! We flew  Easyjet  with hand baggage only and it was so easy and straight forward, it really did feel like a breeze. We landed in Gatwick and had one of the very popular budget hotels booked for the one night, then the next morning we were going to head off to Buckinghamshire to visit the in-laws. We got to our hotel, reservation in hand and they tell us it is no longer booked! They have no record of the booking and are fully booked!! Arghhhhhh!!! We didn't fret to much as we thought, it's still day light, it was a lovely warm temperature, so we decided we'd just jump in our  Hertz  hire car and start making our way up to hubby's neck of the woods and get a hotel en-route. Easy hey?! Nooooooo! Every hotel and I mean every hotel was fully booked!