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Danesfield House - Buckinghamshire UK

A couple of months ago during our eight week stint in Spain we popped over to the UK for a couple of nights to visit Marks family.

We had the hotels all booked and arranged (so we thought).

The flight was great! We flew Easyjet with hand baggage only and it was so easy and straight forward, it really did feel like a breeze.

We landed in Gatwick and had one of the very popular budget hotels booked for the one night, then the next morning we were going to head off to Buckinghamshire to visit the in-laws.

We got to our hotel, reservation in hand and they tell us it is no longer booked! They have no record of the booking and are fully booked!! Arghhhhhh!!!

We didn't fret to much as we thought, it's still day light, it was a lovely warm temperature, so we decided we'd just jump in our Hertz hire car and start making our way up to hubby's neck of the woods and get a hotel en-route.

Easy hey?! Nooooooo! Every hotel and I mean every hotel was fully booked! Ascot was on wasn't it and no hotel rooms available anywhere!

Starting to feel slightly nervous as it was getting darker and darker outside and later and later, we had made it to my sister-in-laws village, so we knocked on the door and luckily she was still awake!

Cups of tea for the homeless and endless searches on the internet and phone calls later still no avail with hotel rooms. it was getting close to midnight now and we were seriously starting to consider sleeping in the trusty rent a car.

Then Danesfield House popped up out of nowhere on our internet search. A little light sparked and they still had rooms available!

A big sigh of relief, until we spied the price, which was slightly out of our price range, but cheeky hubby made a call and got us a few pennies knocked off the rate, as it was so late into the night.

Off we went into the Buckinghamshire countryside to our Stately Home for the night.


Even in the still of the night, the glow of the moon lit up Danesfield House magnificently.

As we entered reception, it was ever so quiet and peaceful, the guy on reception warmly greeted us and showed us to our room.

We had been upgraded to a river view room.

In the morning when we drew the curtains, we saw the spectacular view and I was mesmerized.

Instantly fell back in love with England and the English countryside.

The room was stunning, a gorgeous, cosy four poster bed, fancy room amenities in the bathroom and our all time must have, tea and coffee with delicious biscuits too! We're easily pleased!

After our desperate search for a room for the night Danesfield House really hit the spot.

We had the best nights sleep and could of stayed in bed for hours, but as our time was already cut short in this beautiful manor house we wanted to make the most of our time there.

Breakfast was included and divine it was.

I had the Eggs Benedict and hubby had the full English.

My word it was good.

Along with Tea, coffee, water and juices, toasts and pastries, there certainly was an impressive spread.

After we feasted on our gorgeous breakfast we took a stroll around the grounds.

Again, I was stunned. how absolutely stunningly beautiful this true English countryside was.

I was in complete ore of this place and just wanted to take in as much as possible.

I've never really been one into fancy pants weddings (for me, I'm quite happy to be a guest mind, haha!) but being here at Danesfield House, I completely 'get' how people want to spend there special day in such surroundings.

So romantic and beautiful.

Even though our stay was short, it was absolutely wonderful and it is somewhere I would really like to visit again and I thoroughly recommend everything about Danesfield House.

Thank you for a wonderful stay Danesfield House.

Heather x x


  1. What a nightmare, thats all you need after all that travelling and it being late in the day! Glad all turned out ok and the hotel looks amazing, and those gardens. I can imagine it was a fair few pennies but at least you trip wasn't ruined by having to sleep in the car!!!!

    1. It really was a stunning hotel and after staying there it definitely is worth the money! Amazing! x x


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