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Since leaving the UAE in June life had been pretty crazy busy! We went from the Sandpit to our house in Spain, where we had eight weeks to chill before returning to the UK! Lucky bunnies we are!!

Eight weeks sounded like a lifetime! Flippin' eck it flew past in a millisecond! We did have a great time though. We built half of our patio! Crazy that hubby and I chose to build a patio in the mid June Spanish sun, wasn't one of our brightest ideas as it was flippin HOT! But we did it! And now all the sweat and hard graft was totally worth it! We're itching to do the next part now, but that'll have to wait till next summer!
We caught up with friends over there, ate far too much good food and drank lot's of vino, spent time down at the beach bobbing in the sea and of course topping up our tans! 

My Mum, our Nephew and our close friends from Dubai all came over to see us for a little visit while we were there, which was sooo nice! Lot's of laughs and memories made! (Just a side note - they didn't all come at the same time lol!).
The fur-babies absolutely loved it over there! They spent the whole time sunbathing and they looked so relaxed and happy. I think they loved that they were no longer cooped up in a tiny apartment in the sandpit and had a whole house to rule! I think they've finally bonded too, as they have been getting on so much better then when we first brought Lily home.
We're now back in our house in the UK, hubby's well into his new job and we are completely doing our house up! Paintbrushes and tools everywhere! But it is good fun, tiring at times, but very rewarding!
I had forgotten how chilly the UK gets! And the rain recently! Where has all that come from! Poppy and Lily aren't too impressed with the chillier weather, but it does mean we get a lot more cuddles and they snuggle up on the bed with us at night too! : )
Last week we popped over to the house in Spain for a couple of nights. Which was the best! We really needed a little break from all the DIY! The garden had grown immensely, so we were straight into that and of course visited our favorite Steak restaurant and Tapas too!

I had a couple of airport purchases which I can't wait to share with you, so keep an eye out on the blog for them!

We're also off to see 'That'll Be The Day' show next week, as I won some tickets on a Twitter competition! How fab is that!
So there's a little catch up from the last few months, through my Insta pictures!

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Have a lovely Sunday guys!

Heather x x
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  1. That was a fab post, I really enjoyed looking through all your snaps again, and a whistle stop re-cap of your year so far!!! I'm exhausted just reading it all!!!


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