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Born Pretty Make-Up Series - Part 1

*I've teamed up with Born Pretty Store to show you some of their fabulous make-up items.

I have three cool items to show you which I'll spread over a couple of posts.

First up is this really cute concealer in colour #01.

I was a little unsure what to expect, as it's always tricky choosing colours from a website and not being able to see them in real life. They have two colours to choose from and #01 looked like it would be the closest match for my skin tone.

Phew! It was a good match!

Below are a couple of photos, but I'll be honest they're not the best, but trust me the colour is a really good match!

I need to give you a little bit of background -

OK, I have the most annoying red splodges on my face. Which ladies seriously, popped up one day after my 30th birthday and haven't left me since! One on the end of my nose and one down near my jawline, so I've been eager to find a product to cover these annoying blemishes up for quite a while now.

I was really chuffed when I applied this concealer as it really is very light and covers, well, nicely. I haven't used concealer since my school days and to be honest that always came out pretty tragic! You know the one, complete orange smears over your face and your powder getting all clogged up, ewww! Not a good look!

But this one, this one is really different and I'm feeling relieved, that my faith in concealers has been restored.

I love how you can also use it under your eyes on those dark circles and on your lips to give them better definition. It's not just for ugly blemishes like mine!

This one is so cute and dinky it'll fit perfectly into your everyday make-up bag and ideal to take with you on flights, as it's under 100ml.

Also guys, another plus for this concealer is, it's only $1.99! Absolute bargain! Love it!

Don't forget you can get 10% off at Born Pretty with the discount code HEAH10 so getting shopping guys!

♥ Heather

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  1. Great post, it's always good to find new cosmetic brands! Look forward to see the other items.

    1. Thanks hun! Hopefully they'll be up soon! : ) x x


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