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Catch up...

1st of November.... OMG!

When did that happen?!

You've probably noticed (or not lol) that I haven't been updating my precious baby, aka My Blog, as often as I used too!

And you've probably gathered from Twitter, I'm now back working, shock horror arghhh! Haha...

But needs must! We always knew when we left the UAE to live back in the UK I would need to get a job and bring a few pennies into the household. I managed to get myself some Christmas temp work at a retail store, which I am thoroughly enjoying! I'm not gonna lie, I do get tired after my week, but I'm really lucky to be working with a great team, which make the days go quick and keeps it fun too.

I'm so pleased I took the plunge, because after not working for 5 1/2 years and living the life as a lady of leisure, I was nervous to go back to work, you know 'would I fit in' 'would I cope' 'would I be able to talk to people'? Sounds silly I know, but all these questions were whizzing around my head. But to my relief, it really was like I have never been away from the workplace and I have just 'slotted' back in.

It also gives me a sense of personal achievement, that I have managed to get back out there and I haven't just shriveled up lol and I can do this! Very empowering actually! It's good to feel good about yourself and feel proud : )

All that aside, I am missing the sun! I'm not gonna lie! Haha... but we are much happier living back in the UK, in our own home that, we really have broken the back of  with the DIY. We can now start slowing it down and actually enjoy the UK and seeing our friends and family more!

As always the future is unknown, still unwritten and plans always change. You know we do like to keep life interesting! So who knows how long we will be able to sit still! *insert winky face emoji*

So for now, I will post as often as I can to my blog, which I'm so excited about because since being back in the UK, it has really started to take off and some fabulous brands have been in touch! Did you see my last post featuring this lush Nomads skirt? See it here! Keep an eye on my Instagram too cause I was sent these amazing earrings from Misty Aurora here/here....

So I will say TTFN my lovely sunsparklers, I'm off to have a relaxing Sunday, chillin with the furbys, gonna stroll into town for a mooch, then cook a roast for hubby for when he gets in from work... Have a good one guys!

Heather x x 

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  1. Good for you getting back into the world of work, I think it can only give you more inspiration for your blog and so pleased you've got opportunities coming your way!!


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