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Going on a Blogging Break...

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OK, so you've probably already guessed from the heading and the image what this post is going to be about!

After a lot of careful thinking I have decided to take a 'Blogging Break' for a little while.

I've decided to take a break as I feel lately life has become quite busy, with all the DIY (still ongoing) and my job keeping me busy and life in general, I just feel I haven't got enough time to be able to give my beloved blog the attention it deserves. If I'm completely honest, I feel my last few post have been rushed and it is starting to become a little bit of a chore and that's not what it's all about. I started Suncream and Sparkles as a hobby and through it I have discovered a whole new world of all these amazing blogs and bloggers. I have made a firm friendship with Steph from Priceless Life Of Mine and have got to work with some fab brands, which I am so grateful for and feel so honored that they wanted me, little old me, to write about their products!

So this is why I have come to the decision to take a break. I feel good about it, as I want to come back bigger and better, with lot's more to chat about and different things to share with you guys. I need it to be fun and exciting again! 

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I'm not completely going off the radar as I will still be all over Instagram and Twitter so make sure you're following me on there! (Let me know you're following me and I'll give you a follow back!).

So TTFN lovelies and I'll be back soon!

Love Heather x x


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