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My dressing rooms had a little tweak!

Casual Saturday

The Dunedin Tea Co. Review

Suncream and Sparkles 2016

So after a little bit of a blogging break, I am back! I'd like to be telling you guys that I've got all these amazing posts all schedule and ready to pop out, but to be quite honest there's zilch in my drafts!  But, I do have a few ideas and a few posts whizzing around in my little head for you guys! So watch this space! To be honest life has been pretty hectic up until now. Obviously like everyone we had Christmas and New Year, the continuing drama of renovating the UK house, then with my job too ( I'll fill you in on that one in a mo!) I just didn't have any spare time to give my baby aka Suncream and Sparkles blog, the attention she deserves. So a little break was had to be. But life has done an amazing turn! Even though I was really enjoying my job, being back in retail and working with some great guys and girls, I
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