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The Dunedin Tea Co. Review

When I saw Dunedin Tea Co tweeting about if anyone wanted to do reviews on their teas, being a real tea monster I tweeted them immediately. When they emailed me and said I could pick three of their teas to review, I was so excited and got straight on their website. After a good look around their website and reading about all the different teas they have on offer, I opted for the Earl Grey Tea Pyramids, Spearmint Loose Tea and Pu-erh 3 Year Vintage Loose Tea. My thoughts... The Earl Grey Tea Pyramids As soon as I opened the packet of Earl Grey I knew they were a winner. A real strong Earl Grey aroma filled the air and I was excited for the kettle to boil! Once brewed I wasn't disappointed. A real   Earl Grey taste, absolutely delicious! Usually I have a drop of milk in my Earl Grey, but these didn't need any. A perfect blend 10/10! Spearmint Being a fan of Peppermint tea I was intrigued to try the Spearmint. The packet says it's ' cool, f