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My dressing rooms had a little tweak!

Back in May I showed you guys a little peek into my dressing room (here). Since deciding to park ourselves here in Spain on a more permanent basis, I decided my dressing room needed a little re-think. 

I love the new layout!

I've 'de-cluttered' the walls slightly. I felt I was just chucking everything up without much thought to it. We don't need to have every little nick knack and picture up on the wall do we!

So here's a peek into whats going on in my little girly space!

My little trinket is from Primark and is actually a candle. I love the art deco feel to it.

Tiffany earrings which I bought with my 30th Birthday money from the parentals. 
Gold cross my Aunty bought me for my 18th (or maybe my 21st! oops!) 
Bangles from Primark!

I love my side table, from Ikea I think. It's perfect to have a few little bits on. The small white dish is actually an ashtray! We don't smoke btw, but in the summer our friends visited and they bought it for us, as they knew my Mum was coming out to visit and she liked a puff or two on the old cigs! (Since them Mums given up! Yay!) The ashtray, or dish I prefer to call it, is from Zara Home. Too nice for dirty cigarettes! It's ideal to pop my jewelry in and have them in easy reach.

I've got a thing at the moment about pictures freely leaning up against the wall. 
Vespa picture from Primark. There's a theme here, haha!

My mirror! I love my mirror! From Ikea, nothing fancy, but it's exactly what I wanted for the space!

I've added some twinkly lights (from Primark) we all need some twinkly lights in our life!

How cute is my elephant! I got him over Christmas in Debenhams
Butterfly by Matthew Williamson. When I saw him I had to have him, just the cutest little fella!

My chest of drawers with some of my lotions and potions on. 
It still needs a little bit of organisation mind. 

Wooden heart mirror and 'go explore' wall hanging, Primark!

Love is all you need! Primark again! (they do have some good home stuff!).

I love it now that the drawers are up against the window as both Poppy and Lily love to sit up there and watch the world go by!

I'm thinking of having some shelves put up on the wall by the mirror, what do you think?

Do you have a dressing room? Do you have a theme or certain items that are a 'must' to have in there? Please share, I'm always looking for new ideas!

Heather x

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  1. This looks lovely, I love the elephant xx

  2. Errrrr........I'd love a dressing room!! yes to the shelves to store more stuff. he he !!

    1. Haha thanks Steph!I know I'm very lucky, but I'm now want to have this room as part office part dressing i.e put a desk in haha watch this space! xxx


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