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Suncream and Sparkles 2016

So after a little bit of a blogging break, I am back!

I'd like to be telling you guys that I've got all these amazing posts all schedule and ready to pop out, but to be quite honest there's zilch in my drafts! 

But, I do have a few ideas and a few posts whizzing around in my little head for you guys! So watch this space!

To be honest life has been pretty hectic up until now. Obviously like everyone we had Christmas and New Year, the continuing drama of renovating the UK house, then with my job too ( I'll fill you in on that one in a mo!) I just didn't have any spare time to give my baby aka Suncream and Sparkles blog, the attention she deserves. So a little break was had to be.

But life has done an amazing turn! Even though I was really enjoying my job, being back in retail and working with some great guys and girls, I
sadly last minute didn't take them up on their offer of a permanent position. I mean I was going too, but while Mark and I were on our vacation in Spain we made the final decision for hubs to start commuting and me and the fur-babies to stay in Spain for me to resume being a lady of leisure (and blogger of course!). We 100% had all intention returning from our vacation, driving back through Spain and France with the fur-babies in tow, we even had our Eurotunnel return ticket booked! (Luckily we got a flexi ticket, so can refund, phew!) But after huuuugggggeeeeee life chats we decided this would be the right decision for our little family. I will miss all the people I worked with so much and they really did 'make' the job. I was so lucky that after not working for five and a half years I found a job that I enjoyed, worked with great people and actually was quite good at it! They did absolute wonders for my self confidence and self esteem they'll never know (unless they're reading this of course haha). And I thank them all deeply from the bottom of my heart for that, a truly wonderful team : ) 

So in a snippet, that's where we are now, enjoying life between Spain and the U.K.! Life's too short and you've gotta give these things a go!!!!!!! 

You may of noticed I have been tweaking the blog over the last few weeks. I've removed some of the ads. I think at one point I kinda lost sight of why I was blogging and got too obsessed with stats and figures and having ads on my blog. I really did need the break and to re-group. I'm back to blogging because I enjoy it and want to share my thoughts with you guys. I mean, I would love love love for Suncream and Sparkles to explode into an amazing go-to blog for all you fashionista travel babes, but if it's meant to be it will come in time. I want to build my blog slowly and learn my craft. As you're fully aware I need to improve my photos immensely before this baby hits the big time! *insert laughing emoji* 

I've minimised the tabs section above, I'm keeping fashion and travel obviously, as these are primarily what the blog will be about, but I will be throwing some other lifestyle stuff in there too from time to time. I've kept the 'Quotes' tab, as we all need some inspiration and motivation now and then don't we!?

Anyway, A BIG welcome back and thanks for sticking around! 

Feels good to be back!

Heather x x


  1. Eeeeekkk.....welcome back!!! I'm so happy you're back on the blogging scene and can't wait for your posts now that you're back being a lady of leisure and have plenty of time!

    1. Awww thank you honey! Feels good to be back! Just need my laptop now as limited posting on my iPad but I'm not letting that stop me 'getting out there'! Xxx


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