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Loving this week!

I thought it'd be fun to show you guys a few little pieces that have been
 playing a big part in my life recently! 

Over the past couple of weeks I've been over to the UK to visit Mark and check up on a few things at the house. This time though I flew over with British Airways. I do love flying B.A, it always seems like a 'treat' compared to when you fly on Easyjet. I find the whole process a lot more organised and pleasurable with B.A.

I hate the whole queuing system Easyjet seems to have. B.A flows so much better and is much more civilised! Obviously the seats onboard are a lot more comfortable and you have a tad more legroom too. Also, being served a drink and snack is always a bonus and helps pass the time too!

To be honest I'd love to fly B.A all the time, but like everyone we book on the times and price. For my recent trips though B.A came out a lot cheaper then Easyjet! So it's always worth checking them all, don't just assume Easyjet will be the cheapest!

On my B.A flight back to Gatwick I spotted this extremely cute make-up bag in the in-flight magazine and I literally had to do a double take when I saw the price. I did think it was the second Sauvignon Blanc blurring my vision slightly, but nope, it was only £5, reduced from £25! I had to snap it up immediately!

Tip: they only carry one or two onboard, so always bear this in mind when you're purchasing anything on a flight, as the same stock has to do the round trip. My advice, if you see something you want, always get it there and then, as there's a chance it'll be sold out on your next sector!

Now this fun make-up bag is Exclusive to BA, I'm guessing because of the cute little plane zipper! The make is SewLomax and I've found the website here. You should check it out, as they have the cutest things ever on there! I'm obsessed!

My personalised luggage tag was a recent Christmas present from my Sister in Australia. I absolutely love it! It's the perfect colour and the tassels are awesome! You know how much I love my tassles!! It's by Wilson Australia Accessories. It's going to always travel with me on my hand luggage, as I'm not risking that baby going in the hold and go, erm, 'missing' !

I'm loving my Rimmel Nail polish in 'Chic in Chelsea', you can find it here. The colour is fab. As you know, I do tend to stick to my pinks and corals, but I am trying to push myself to try some new colours!

Also, I love my Rimmel 'Oh My Gloss' Lipgloss in Snog. Now, I know 'matt' lips are very much on trend at the moment, but I do still love a lipgloss. I think they're great for the day and I find these ones from Rimmel a great 'all rounder'. Again pick it up from Boots here.

Finally, my new Jimmy Choo Illicit perfume. Another B.A purchase, but this time hubby bought it for me when we flew back to Alicante on Valentines Day. <3

It is a little cheaper onboard then in the shops, but to be honest with you, I love this perfume so much (definitely my new fave!) I'd pay the regular retail price for it too! Find it here at Boots.

♥ Heather

P.S Did you spy my Guess watch. I love it so much, but one of the diamantes has fallen out *sad face* but I'm off to New York next week, so will keep my eyes peeled for a new one, hehe! Did I tell you I'm spending my Birthday in New York!?! I'm only just a tiny bit excited!! Only a smidgen mind! ; ) see the post here

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  1. Oooh love it all. Make up bag=perfect size. Luggage tag= simply gorgeous. Nail colour & gloss=what can I say, necessities (lipstick too heavy for Spain in daytime anyway, gloss casual, yet sleek. And finally perfume=you lucky thing you! Look forward to your New York posts.


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