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Denim shorts & blue skies

Can you believe it that today and ALL day yesterday, it's been absolutely chucking it down!

Raining cats and dogs is an understatement!

It doesn't just rain in Spain it blimin' pours it down!

On the bright side it'll be good for the garden lol. OMG! how old do I sound?!

Seriously, it will be good for the Palms and they reckon it's gonna warm up a treat from 
tomorrow onwards! Yipee! #SorryNotSorry

Anyway, Monday was really pleasant and for ages now I've been itching to get my shorts on. 
The sun was shining, the wind kept herself at bay and I got my pins out! 
They seriously need to get a bit of colour on them!

I just adore denim shorts. I've got quite a few pairs now. 

These ones I got last year here in Spain from Springfield. They have the cutest scarf belt, love them so much!

(side note: scarf belts are the best! Topshop have some cute skinny 
scarves that would easily double up as a belt!

I can't see these Springfield shorts on their website, but there's
some similar ones here with an even cuter belt!

New Look have a great selection of shorts too! Herehere and here.

I just think denim shorts are something that will always be in fashion. 

Yes, the fashion may change slightly, as for one season the length or cut or wash maybe more 'on trend' then others,
but for me, they are the ultimate summer item.

I still have ones from years ago that always make an appearance
when the weather warms up! 

My t-shirt is actually from Primark and has surprisingly survived many a washes!
I don't seem to have much luck with Primark clothes,
they seem to fall apart on me quite quickly!

Again, New Look have some fab, grey, rolled sleeved tee's - check them out here!

The skies were just stunning on Monday. 

The blue is incredible. 

Summers not far away guys! 

What's your must have piece for the Summer?! 

Any denim shorts you're also loving at the mo? 

Leave me a comment below!

Heather x x


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