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DreamMatcha - Matcha Tea

* So when the guys over at DreamMatcha Tea said
they'd send me some of their Matcha Green Tea to review,
being the tea lover I am, I was over the moon! 

Completely stunned and impressed by the speedy delivery,
the next morning this pouch of Matcha Tea turned up on my doorstep
and I was eager to get tasting!

Back home in Spain I instantly whipped up a mug. We'd recently been to New York for a long weekend, so the long-haul flights to the States combined with completely over indulging while we were there and further flights from the UK back to Spain, my body was well in need of some nutrients and was craving green tea and goodness.

Now, Matcha tea is a little different to other teas you may of tried. 
It is a powder rather then a bag or leaves. 

On their website they advise you to use a little whisk, so all the powder dissolves properly. I also recommend this, as my spoons weren't quite up to the task!  ( I did have a look in my local supermarket for a mini whisk, but to no avail). DreamMatcha do sell these on their website too, I think they would make a good investment!

It took me a few goes to get the consistency right. As you can see in the above picture I put wayyyyy to much in and it was rather thick, almost like a mug of green soup, lol! I tried again, this time with a teeny tiny bit and then added more to my taste. 
Remember it's easier to add then to take it away!

I also want to look for some measuring spoons,
 as 1.5g is the recommended amount per cup and it'd be good to know that 
I am putting in the correct amount!

After a few cups I've got used to the taste and find it quite palatable. 

It really is a mug full of green goodness and
 if you check out their website here, it tells you the full list of benefits you 
get from this Matcha Green Tea. 

It's quite incredible how good this is for you and the health benefits your body will
gain from drinking Matcha Tea regularly! 

As you can see it is now part of my morning routine. 
Your normal breakfast tea is not my first cup in the morning anymore, 
Matcha Tea all the way!

Heather ♥

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  1. I bought some Matcha powder last year as I do know it is so good for you. However, I can't take it like you do. I will whisk mime with milk either cold or warm and drink it like that. Matcha is not for everyone and is most definitely an acquired taste!

    1. Acquired taste, I like that! Damn should of used that in my post lol! Yes you're right, it is an acquired taste, but I've really got used to it now! Drinking one at the mo haha! Good for you though finding alternative ways to drink it! xxx

  2. 1. I love your blog! 2. Thank you for reviewing! I have really wanted to try this for some time and now I’m super excited to get it.

    --Lianne |

    1. Awww thank you! That's always so lovely to hear!
      I do love my matcha, it can be a bit of a required taste, but the benefits are insane! Little tip - get some sort of mini whisk it tastes even better!


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