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New York - for my Birthday

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At the end of February we went to New York for a long weekend, as a Birthday treat for me! We flew on Norweigian out of Gatwick straight to JFK. We were very impressed with the in-flight service (considering it's low cost!) the aircraft and Cabin Crew. 
(I'll chat more about Norweigian in a separate post I think!)

We arrived on the Thursday night and stayed at the Fitzpatrick Grand Central. We've stayed at the hotel before, but we weren't too impressed this time. Nevertheless, it was a great location and we were just keen to get our trip going!

Friday 26th February '16 - My Birthday!

We woke up mega early! As you do when you first get to the States. Showered and dressed we went to the Starbucks around the corner for coffee, a breakfast muffin and to grab some free wifi (you know how it is, ha!)! For me Starbucks always tastes so much better in the States! 

Fuelled up and ready for our day. 

side note: we have both been lucky enough to visit NYC before, both together and in our previous lives, so we've kinda 'done' the sights and the tourist things already, granted we haven't done it 'All' but we wanted this trip to be purely a relaxation getaway, to chill and get our 'American Fix' at some of our favourite shops and restaurants.

We headed up in the direction of Times Square, as we knew that's where most of the shops we wanted to go to were situated.

We spent ages in the Levi shop and both came out with new jeans! (me two pairs, lol). I had a quick whizz around Sephora, which I could of literally spent half the day in, but I knew it wouldn't be fair on Mark, so I just grabbed what I wanted, paid and left. 

Then I spied M&M world! Seriously, I didn't know this was a thing! As you may or may not know I am literally obsessed with Mint M&M's, so when I saw M&M world, we went, no excuses, we were there. It was like a beaming light drawing me in, haha! I was like a kid (a 34 year old kid, but still a kid!) in a sweet shop, literally. I think I was actually close to heaven, if they had a cocktail bar in there, then that would of been heaven, haha! Anyway, of course I got a bag of mint M&M's and even threw a few Strawberry Cheesecake flavour ones in there too. Flippin eck, I wish I got more, as Strawberry Cheesecake is nearly as delicious as the mint! 

So after all the excitement of M&M world and a morning of shopping it was time to take a break and what better place then Hard Rock Cafe! This is always on my list when there ones nearby, as I've started to collect their 'Hurricane' glasses and it's of course, a really cool Restaurant to visit!

Anyway, it was a Beer for hubby and a Hurricane for me! It was only 11am mind, but it was my Birthday and our body clocks were totally shot! Am I being convincing?!?! OK, we just wanted an alcoholic drink, hahahha! 

After our drinks we had another mooch around and then headed off to find Red Lobster.

 Another one of our favourite American chains! 

When we lived in the UAE we got so excited when one opened up at The Dubai Mall, but it wasn't really that great to be honest and we were always left disappointed. 

Hoping that it was that particular restaurant and not our taste-buds we went to the one in Times Square for our lunch. 

OMG! I'm so glad we did! We were stuffed and it was delicious!! 

Time to roll ourselves back to the hotel!

We chilled out for a bit, looked at all our purchases.

I dangerously put my pj's on, 'just to get comfy for half an hour'.

Well, that was me sparko till the next morning! Haha!

I did have a great Birthday though!

Shopping, eating, drinking, all with my bestest friend : )

Love you babe!! x x x

Saturday 27th February '16

Saturday we woke up fully refreshed and raring for another day exploring this fabulous city!

We went to Starbucks for our morning coffee and breakfast muffin and decided to take a stroll towards 5th Avenue.

I actually had my phone to hand this time and managed to get a few snaps of the city! Not sure if I actually got any 'good' pictures, but they certainly hold a lot of memories of our wanderings through the city. 

We took a stroll around Grand Central Station first and the Grand Central Market where they had the most amazing selection of flowers and fresh foods.

St Bartholomew's

which I swear is the Church in the Sex and the City episode where Samantha tries to erm, pursue a Priest!

After getting a little bit side tracked in Hollister and Abercrombie en-route, we then arrived at Tiffany & Co.

We did have a look around, but it was very very busy.

Off we went to Central Park

The blue of the sky was absolutely stunning, but it was flippin' cold!

Then we headed down the Avenue of the Americas to find the LOVE Sculpture.

Find it on the Corner of 6th Ave & 55th St

We then stopped off at the next Starbucks (which they are everywhere btw!) for a well deserved coffee and to rest our legs for a few minutes!

We then continued past Radio City, Magnolia Bakery and then Bryant Park

We then found Old Navy (another fave of mine) which was huge!

Three floors and we were probably in there for a good hour and a half, oops!

Well there was 40% off everything!

Luckily for hubby, they had free wifi and seating!

It was time to go back to the hotel and rest our feet!

We passed the Empire State Building and thought we'd better stop for a moment to take in the sights a little, haha!

We couldn't resist stopping off for a slice of Pizza on the way!

Please excuse the blurry photo and my extremely messy hair! Well, I had just been trying on clothes for an hour and a half and walking around the streets of NYC, haha! But I had to show you the size of the slice of pizza!

We chilled out back at the hotel for a while, freshened up and went out for a Mexican, which wasn't far from the hotel.

We went to Sinigual, which we had the best fajitas ever! 

The steak was so tender and cooked to perfection! 

If you get a chance to go to NYC and like Mexican, you have to try out Sinigual located 640 3rd Avenue.

Sunday 28th February '16

Our last day in NYC and flying back to Gatwick that night.

Wanting to make the most of our last few hours in the Big Apple, we again woke up early and hopped on the subway down to Battery Park.

Being a Sunday morning it was lovely and quiet. It was very peaceful being near the water and great to see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

We then strolled up to the 9/11 Memorial.

Our pictures do not do it justice and there are no words to describe the feeling you have while you're there.

We found Spain in NYC!

We then took the subway back to Grand Central Station and I picked myself up a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, as they have an outlet there too!

I wish I got more because they were delicious!!!!!!

We then chilled out at the hotel until it was time to head back to the airport to catch our flight back to the UK.

I absolutely love New York.

It's an amazing, vibrant city and a completely different experience every time.

It really is like being on a movie set.

I love how you walk around recognising buildings and places you may have seen on the T.V and in the Movies.

Till next time New York

x Heather

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank youuu Liz! I'm glad you liked it!! Definitely go when it's a bit warmer, as it was soo cold for us! You'll love it!! x x

  2. I love your pictures! I've never been to NYC but this deffo makes me want to go!

  3. You are so lucky to go to the big spoilt to get that for your Birthday!!!!

    1. Thank you! It was amazing and I am very spoilt by my husband hehe ; )

  4. Wow, great pics. I soooo NEED to go to NYC. One day. Never thought of Norwegian airlines though, will have to take a look.

    1. You would love it! I just can't seem to do glamour in the winter there haha! Think I need to re-visit when it gets a little warmer. Great memories though and just what Mark and I needed!


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