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C9 Preperation

A few weeks a go I got to review some amazing products from the Forever Living range (see the post  here ). Since then I've kinda been hooked on their stuff! One of their products is the C9. A 9 day cleanse to basically detoxify your body, giving you a jump start to maybe lose a few lbs and to be a lot lot healthier. Now, I know this works and has amazing results, as someone very close to me (I'm not allowed to name names, I'm sorry, they want to remain anonymous!) has recently completed the cleanse and lost a   staggering 10lbs and felt a million times better! and the weights stayed off! Also, my friend Jenna who is the Forever Living Health & Well-being guru, has done the C9 herself and achieved amazing results. Not to mention that once you purchase the kit your rep will add you to the Facebook group, where everyone can post their progress, recipe ideas and basic help and support for one another. You are not alone on your journey! After seeing the

Hot Water & Lemon

As you guys know I am a huge fan of my herbal teas. I love my green teas and peppermint teas, most recently Matcha green tea and the amazing Pu-erh tea! Since doing my mini detox, did you see my posts?  I've started to also love hot water and lemon. Now, I know this is nothing new or revolutionary, but it's something that I'm really, really flippin' into. When I was flying the skies, serving tea and coffee and in-between chirping chicken or beef, I would quite often have a slice of lemon in hot water on the go in the galley. But thought nothing of it, it was just quicker then making myself a tea or coffee! Whilst at the supermarket the other day - which I swear the fruit and veg is so much better here in Spain, I don't know why, but it always looks so much more appertising then in the UK. Anyway, I picked up a lemon and soon as I got home I boiled the kettle and sliced the lemon up and made a cuppa!  It's so lush and refreshing. Becau

The 'Heather' Detox - Round Up!

So it's been three days since I started my mini detox...  (see original post  here !) I'm pleased to report it went well! Here's a little diary of what I ate and how it went! Day 2 I wasn't feeling the best!! Sunday 10th April - Day 1 Morning   1x Aloe Shot,  2x Matcha Green Teas, Scrambled Eggs (3x eggs) Mid-Morning  1x Pu-erh Tea Lunch  Leafy Salad & Smoked Salmon,  1x Aloe Shot Mid-Afternoon  1x Pu-erh Tea,  1x Bowl of Soup Dinner  2x Bowls of Soup (I know, piggy right!),  1x Chamomile Tea (before bed) I drank just over 3 litres of water throughout the  day and also had a 60 min walk. Monday 11th April - Day 2 I weighed in at 149.2lbs (-1.6lbs) Today I woke up with the most excruciating headache it was awful. You know when your eyes go all blurry and you can see zigzags and just can't focus.  Well that was happening.  I laid on the settee for a bit until I stoppe

The 'Heather' Detox

I'm back from spending a couple of days in the U.K and even though it was a very  productive trip, I am feeling tired, washed out,  podgy and bloated beyond belief! At the mo, some friends are doing/embarking on a special cleanse program and to  be honest, I'm jealous. Super jealous.  I wanna do one, haha.  I'm gonna see how they get on and purchase a kit for myself if their results are good! But, on the flight back to Spain it got me thinking. I can still do a cleanse and be healthy, even if I'm not following a proper formatted one. all images in this post google search I've thought about the elements of different diets I've done and the basis of said cleanse  program and kinda mixed it all up together. For three days I am going to cut out caffeine completely, drink at least 1.5litres of water a day, drink my aloe gel , matcha  and pu-erh  teas.  Cut out the carbs, eat salad, eggs and smoked salmon. 

A new morning routine

So it's been about a month now since I received my Matcha Tea from DreamMatcha -  you can   see the post  here  in-case you missed it! I used to have at least three cups of Tetley in the mornning and would  get in a right little mood if there was only time for one!  Seriously.  Quite tragic I know! But now, Matcha Tea is my first cup of tea in the morning and I am loving it! I'm really not missing the Tetley at all! But there's a new baby in town! Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. It's been two days. Two shots.  And I am, obsessed! (did you see my review on the Forever products a couple of weeks ago? see it  here ) Anyway, my friend Jenna very kindly gifted me the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel,  as a thank you for the post I wrote : )  Aloe Vera Drinking Gel has amazing reviews and the health benefits are insane!   I'm not gonna go into it too much right now,  as I want to do a separate review after drinking it for a few