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A new morning routine

So it's been about a month now since I received my Matcha Tea from DreamMatcha - 
you can see the post here in-case you missed it!

I used to have at least three cups of Tetley in the mornning and would 
get in a right little mood if there was only time for one! 
Quite tragic I know!

But now, Matcha Tea is my first cup of tea in the morning and I am loving it!

I'm really not missing the Tetley at all!

But there's a new baby in town!

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel.

It's been two days.
Two shots. 
And I am, obsessed!

(did you see my review on the Forever products a couple of weeks ago? see it here)

Anyway, my friend Jenna very kindly gifted me the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, 
as a thank you for the post I wrote : ) 

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel has amazing reviews and the health benefits are insane!
  I'm not gonna go into it too much right now, 
as I want to do a separate review after drinking it for a few weeks!

Now, as it has only been two days I can't really judge it just yet,
 but I can tell you the taste is absolutely fine, 
it is said to be an acquired taste, but it didn't bother me at all. 
There is a berry flavour too though! 

So, while the kettle is boiling for my Matcha tea I very casually take a shot of 
my Aloe Vera Drinking Gel 
and I tell you what, 
these two combined, 
completely set me up for the day!

I'm actually getting excited for the morning so I can drink my next shot!
Seriously guys, get yourself some! 
Just hop over to Jenna's Facebook page here 
and order yourselves a bottle!!

I'm really chuffed with my 'new' healthier morning routine. 

It really doesn't take long at all to get in the habit and 
before long you automatically reach for these items
and it becomes second nature.

By introducing these small changes into your daily routine, 
will in time, have amazing benefits to your health. 

And who doesn't wanna be healthy right!?

Have a great weekend guys!

Heather x x


  1. I love Aloe Vera drinks so would love to try this gel sounds nice!

    Abigail Alice x | Check out my Carli Bybel Giveaway!

    1. You should it's the best! Clip the link to Jenna's fb page and you can order yourself some! Let me know if you do xx

  2. Hmm.......sorry to sound negative here wish I could stomach this gel I really do as I know it has huge health benefits. I have a full bottle of the normal gel and it certainly is an acquired taste. I've tried mixing it with juice and I still struggle. maybe the berry is better?

    1. Oh Hun! Sorry to hear that! You should try the berry... My mums just ordered some so I'll let you know what it's like. It is something to get used too, it really doesn't bother me, I just 'knock' it back! I must have cast iron stomach and taste buds or something haha!! xxx


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