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C9 Preperation

A few weeks a go I got to review some amazing products from the Forever Living range (see the post here). Since then I've kinda been hooked on their stuff!

One of their products is the C9. A 9 day cleanse to basically detoxify your body, giving you a jump start to maybe lose a few lbs and to be a lot lot healthier.

Now, I know this works and has amazing results, as someone very close to me (I'm not allowed to name names, I'm sorry, they want to remain anonymous!) has recently completed the cleanse and lost a staggering 10lbs and felt a million times better! and the weights stayed off!

Also, my friend Jenna who is the Forever Living Health & Well-being guru, has done the C9 herself and achieved amazing results. Not to mention that once you purchase the kit your rep will add you to the Facebook group, where everyone can post their progress, recipe ideas and basic help and support for one another. You are not alone on your journey!

After seeing the results of the C9 and also when I managed to shift a few lbs when I did my own diy detox (see the posts here & here) I thought it was time to purchase a kit for myself.

It's being delivered today, so I will be starting first thing tomorrow!

I'm very excited, as I'm already a big fan of the Aloe Vera drinking gel and I know there's quite a lot you have to drink in the first couple of days.

It is quite strict and something you have to stick too. The booklet is set out very well, so you know what you should be consuming every step of the way. I also like that there's a 'free' foods list, so if you're feeling peckish you can snack on them no problem.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fruit fan, but I will be snacking on the 'free' veg.

Because I knew I'd be doing this I have been preparing myself a little. I think you need too when you embark on such a sudden change to your eating habits and 9 days can be a long time if you're not prepared.

*Like I said, I already drink the Aloe Vera everyday, so that shouldn't be a problem, as I know some people struggle with the taste and the huge amount you have to drink in the first two days. If you can, I'd recommend buying a bottle first, so you can get used to the taste, so that when it comes to doing the cleanse you'll be used to it.

*You cut out caffeine completely. Again, I think this would be a huge shock to your system, especially if you're very dependent on your morning teas and coffees. Try and get in the habit of drinking more water (you have to drink lots on the C9) and also try to get used to Peppermint tea. Which I'm a huge fan of! Twinings do a lovely one! Treat yourself!

*Try to start doing a little exercise everyday pre C9. It's recommended you do at least 30mins of light activity a day. A simple walk around the block is perfect.

*Think of the meals you're going to cook. From days 3 - 9 you have one 600 calorie meal in the evening (800 cal for men). I know this doesn't really sound a lot, but it is more then you think. The 'free' foods list are still free and because things like lettuce, spring onion, tomatoes are included you can boost your meal up with a side salad. Simple ideas of chicken, veg (use your free ones!) and brown rice, is a perfect meal on the C9. Watch your portions sizes with the brown rice and pasta though! 30g is a portion, so I would say to measure them out before you chuck a handful in the pan!

Also, in your booklet you get with the kit there are some meal ideas and on the Facebook page there's some awesome recipes on there too!

*Stock up on the free foods you like! Especially for the first 2 days which are known to be the 'hardest' The free foods are -


**Red/Purple Grapes        
**Kiwi Fruit                      


**Belgian Endive
**Spring onions
**Lettuces-All Varieties
**Peppers-All Varieties
**Mangetout or Sugar Snap Peas
**Soy Beans
**String Beans

all images in this post found on Google search

So basically, I reckon if you start to include some exercise into your daily life, cut down on your caffeine & up your water and herbal tea, get used to the free foods and smaller portions, oh and the aloe drinking gel! Which I love! The C9 will be a breeze for you!

I really am so excited for Sunday! I know I probably sound a little weird! I'm so excited to see the results for myself and of course report back to you guys!

Have you done the C9 cleanse before or something similar? Would love to know how you got on and any tips while doing it! Let me know in the comments below!

See ya soon lovelies!

H xx


  1. Sounds interesting. I've heard a lot about it so look forward to reading about your progress xx

    1. Ahh thanks Steph! I've been a bit behind on my blogging, but will post about it soon!!


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