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Hot Water & Lemon

As you guys know I am a huge fan of my herbal teas. I love my green teas and peppermint teas, most recently Matcha green tea and the amazing Pu-erh tea!

Since doing my mini detox, did you see my posts? Check them out here & here! I've started to also love hot water and lemon.

Now, I know this is nothing new or revolutionary, but it's something that I'm really, really flippin' into.

When I was flying the skies, serving tea and coffee and in-between chirping chicken or beef, I would quite often have a slice of lemon in hot water on the go in the galley. But thought nothing of it, it was just quicker then making myself a tea or coffee!

Whilst at the supermarket the other day - which I swear the fruit and veg is so much better here in Spain, I don't know why, but it always looks so much more appertising then in the UK. Anyway, I picked up a lemon and soon as I got home I boiled the kettle and sliced the lemon up and made a cuppa! 

It's so lush and refreshing. Because of its natural sugars the taste is so sweet which is soo nice and I find it takes the edge off if I'm craving some treats! 

Even better, I've got Mark into it too! 

I always knew hot water with lemon was good for you. I don't know how really, it's just one of those things that you 'know' even when you can't recall ever researching it or being told about it, you just 'know'. 

So, while we were sitting in the garden the other day soaking up the sun with our hot water and lemon, so rock 'n' roll aren't we! I started to google it and was so flippin' surprised at how many amazing health benefits this drink actually has! Such a simple drink, insanely affordable, completely accessible, as it's available in all supermarkets. There's no having to hunt it down on some weird and wonderful hippy website, spending ridiculous amounts of money on a product. It's a lemon. Just a simple lemon. Natural, healthy and carries fantastic health benefits.

Here's what I found on the Internet about what our lovely, bright yellow, citric fruit does for you if you pop it in some hot water!

 Boosts your immune system
 Helps with weight loss
            Improves digestion
            Naturally lowers blood pressure
            Regulates bowel movement
            Reduces heartburn
            Reduces wrinkles & skin blemishes
            Relieves nausea
            Breaks down phlegm
            Improves skin tone
            Relieves toothache
            Lemons contain 22 anti cancer compounds
            In the morning it's great for detoxing the liver
            Helps lower blood sugar levels in Diabetes
And there are so many more!

Hot water and lemon really is my new obsession and I now have it first thing in the morning and all day too.

Are you a fan? What's your 'go-to' drink at the mo?

Heather x x


  1. I have tried it but wasn't my cup of tea! LOL. I might try again though as I do know how good it is for you. Keep up the good healthy work!

    1. Lol! Give it a go! If my Mark can drink it then anyone can! Seriously!


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