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The 'Heather' Detox - Round Up!

So it's been three days since I started my mini detox... 
(see original post here!)

I'm pleased to report it went well!

Here's a little diary of what I ate and how it went!

Day 2 I wasn't feeling the best!!

Sunday 10th April - Day 1

Morning 1x Aloe Shot, 2x Matcha Green Teas,Scrambled Eggs (3x eggs)

Mid-Morning 1x Pu-erh Tea

Lunch Leafy Salad & Smoked Salmon, 1x Aloe Shot

Mid-Afternoon 1x Pu-erh Tea, 1x Bowl of Soup

Dinner 2x Bowls of Soup (I know, piggy right!), 1x Chamomile Tea (before bed)

I drank just over 3 litres of water throughout the day and also had a 60 min walk.

Monday 11th April - Day 2

I weighed in at 149.2lbs (-1.6lbs)

Today I woke up with the most excruciating headache it was awful.

You know when your eyes go all blurry and you can see zigzags and just can't focus. 

Well that was happening. 

I laid on the settee for a bit until I stopped feeling dizzy and hunted out some paracetamol.

Which did see to calm it down. I got back into bed, but I just couldn't settle. As the tablet was kicking in I forced myself to get up, get washed and get dressed.

To be honest I felt completely bummed out all day. No motivation, no oomph. I really don't know if it was the lack of caffeine or the fact I had a terrible nights sleep the night before, that could of been the culprit! Or a mixture of the two!


All that aside, I got through the day. Not achieving very much, but hey I was feeling drained.

I must admit I was very tempted a couple of times to crack open the macaroons I've got stashed away or make some honey on toast!

But I can proudly say I resisted.

Here's what I did have throughout the day:

Morning 1x Aloe Shot, 2x Matcha Teas, Scrambled Eggs (x3) with smoked salmon

Mid Morning 1x Green Tea

Lunch Bowl of Leafy Salad

Dinner Green Tea, Chicken Breast with Cajun Spice sprinkled on & loads of Courgettes!
1x Aloe Shot, 1x Chamomile Tea

I also had just over 1.5litres of water throughout the day, sadly no exercise!

Tuesday 12th April Day 3

I weighed in this morning at 147lb! (-2.2)

Morning 2x Matcha Teas, 2x Slices of Brown Seeded Toast with a thin layer of Honey
(now, I do feel slightly guilty about this, as I really wanted to do no carbs! I literally had no food in and I was starving! I couldn't really have a courgette for breakfast could I! But do you know what, the toast tasted damn good!)

Mid-Morning 1x Pu-erh Tea, 1x Hot Water with Lemon

Lunch Ice-Burg Lettuce & Smoked Salmon

Afternoon 1x Green Tea, 1x Slice of Smoked Salmon

Dinner 2x Turkey Fillets & Lot's of Courgettes

I drank over 3 litres of water throughout the day and had a 60 min walk.

Other then Monday's blip I really enjoyed doing my mini detox. It actually didn't feel like I was on a detox. I love my herbal teas anyway, so that was easy, but I did miss having the odd café con leche which I'm a bit partial too!

It sounds silly, but I forget how much I like salad and veg. I'm definitely going to start incorporating these a lot more into my daily diet.

Even though I love my bread I do need to cut down. Yes, I had toast this morning which is a little naughty, but then on a 'normal day' I would of had the toast, some rolls at lunch, maybe some bread with dinner and so on, it does needs to stop.

Everything in moderation as they say!

This morning I woke up with tons of energy. My breathing's a lot better. I've felt like I've had a good sleep and am raring to go! I've walked to the shops, done housework, washing & ironing, I'm blogging away and also washed down outside, including the patio furniture!

I did get hungry at times doing this mini detox, but I just ignored my tummy.
(You know the quote 'stomach you're bored, not hungry!')
well, that's what I told myself.

I just grabbed the water or made a herbal tea. At the end of the day, even though I am a massive foodie and I love my food big time, food is just fuel for our bodies - we need to remember that and
stop bingeing so much! Me included!

I'm going to continue with my new regime from now on. Like I said, more salad and veg, not so much bread, a walk everyday (which I'm very fortunate is something I can do everyday here in Spain, no excuses!)

MY Tips: 

*Always consult your doctor first if you suffer with anything that 
you think will be affected if you do a detox!

*Be prepared - make sure you have enough food & herbal teas in!

*Don't have any plans - seriously, keep your schedule free 
so you can concentrate on YOU and the detox!

*Keep a note of what you're eating & drinking 
it'll help you stay focused & motivated

*Do this for YOU! For you to be a healthier, happy, 
more energetic version of YOU!

I will report back tomorrow with my weigh in!

Make sure you check back on this post to see how much I've lost!

What's your super foods and what gives you energy and motivation?

Is a mini detox something you guys like to do?

Heather x x


As promised I'm updating you with today's weight after my mini 3 day detox/healthy eating!

I weighed in at.. drum roll please......

I started at 150.8lb so lost 4.8lbs! Not bad hey!

Not only an amazing loss of weight in only three days - I feel tons better, my breathing is better, I feel I have more energy and just feel a lot better.

I'm definitely continuing this new lifestyle as it makes me feel good and would be silly to go back to so much 'unhealthy' eating!

I've just made myself a hot water with lemon and had 2x Oatibix with skimmed milk. : )

Have a good one guys!

Heather ♥


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