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The 'Heather' Detox

I'm back from spending a couple of days in the U.K and even though it was a very 
productive trip, I am feeling tired, washed out, 
podgy and bloated beyond belief!

At the mo, some friends are doing/embarking on a special cleanse program and to 
be honest, I'm jealous.

Super jealous. 

I wanna do one, haha. 

I'm gonna see how they get on and purchase a kit for myself if their results are good!

But, on the flight back to Spain it got me thinking.

I can still do a cleanse and be healthy, even if I'm not following a proper formatted one.

all images in this post google search

I've thought about the elements of different diets I've done and the basis of said cleanse 
program and kinda mixed it all up together.

For three days I am going to cut out caffeine completely, drink at
least 1.5litres of water a day,
drink my aloe gel, matcha and pu-erh teas. 
Cut out the carbs, eat salad, eggs and smoked salmon. 
And make a big batch of detox soup. 

I'm initially doing three days, as I want to stick to it and see results. 
If I'm enjoying it and finding it's not bothering me, 
I will keep it going for longer.

Along with eating right,
 I'm going to have a 60 min walk each day too.

It's too late in the day for me to weigh myself, 
but I will do that first thing in the morning and 
add it on to this post! 
So make sure you check back!

I'm really hoping that after the three days my bloating would of 
gone down and I'll start to have a bit more of a glow 
in my face or at least some colour anyway!

I will be reporting back on Tuesday guys, so keep an eye on the blog.

Wish me luck and why not join in with me too!

Please, please, please, share any tips and super-foods you love to have 
when embarking on a healthier you!

Heather ♥

Sunday 10th a.m - Back with my weight as promised
(68.4kg, 10st 11lb)

My goal overall is to be 140lbs (63.5kg, 10st)


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  2. I will join you...:)

    1. Fantastic! Look forward to hear how you get on! Be sure to let me know! : )

  3. I keep saying I'm gonna do this (have succeeded before) but you're head has to be in the right place doesn't it and in the right mindset. Chia seeds, fab superfood are great to add to porridge, smoothies and puddings.

    1. Definitely! I thought I'd do three days initially, I mean it's not a proper detox just eating a bit more sensibly and I'm hoping it'll continue! I've never had chia seeds before, will look out for them.


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