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Castillo De Santa Barbara - Alicante

- this post contains affiliate links, please see my disclaimer/contact page for more info - The other day Mark and I took a ride up into Alicante to have a nose at the Castle there. Castillo De Santa Barbara. We've had our house now in this area for over two years and it's the first time we've ventured into the city! Terrible behaviour really! So, for our first day out there we thought we'd check out the Castle. WOW! We weren't expecting this at all. Castillo De Santa Barbara is massive! Huge grounds! You could spend hours exploring and getting lost within the magnificent walls of the Castle. The views of Alicante are stunning! Alicante Port Lot's of Iron Men dotted around! Alicante Bull Ring  Bag Desigual similar  here  // Shorts Old Navy similar  here We really didn't expect the Castillo to be so spectacular

C9 - Days 3-9

As you guys know I've recently been on the C9 program. If you follow me on snapchat.   I'm sure you would of seen my daily updates of milkshakes, aloe vera shots and low cal meals! Day 1+2 were the toughest. See my post here . But once you power through these days it's pretty much a home stretch. I must admit, by dinner time on day 3 I was more than ready for something to eat! I prepared by looking up low calorie meal ideas on Pinterest   and also by looking on the C9 Facebook group for recipe ideas! I had the vanilla milkshake mix, which I absolutely loved! A couple of times I blended it up with a bunch of strawberries (strawberries are on the free foods list!) and it was delicious! Tip - mixing the forever lite milkshake in a blender or with a hand whisk really makes the difference!  During my C9 Mark started his leave and I did feel guilty at times that he was missing out 'enjoying' being off work, as we couldn't really go out for s

C9 Day's 1+2

Hiya guys! Happy Bank Holiday! (I'm writing this on my iPad btw, so sorry if the format is a little odd!) It's been raining here in the UK today, as I think is the norm on a bank holiday, haha. We did have a lovely sunny day yesterday though and I'm flying back to Spain this evening with Mark in tow, cannot wait! As you know I started the C9 cleanse yesterday (sunday 1st) and I just wanted to check in with you all and give you a little update on how it's going. Both today and yesterday was the same routine, tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 4x120ml of Aloe Vera gel throughout the day (which I really enjoyed, haha) I had my vanilla protein shake with skimmed milk at lunch - which is gorgeous! I can't wait to experiment and add strawberries to it! And not forgetting I had loads of water and Peppermint tea.  I am feeling great on it, but there are a couple of negatives, but I do have solutions. The mornings I foun