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C9 Day's 1+2

Hiya guys!

Happy Bank Holiday!

(I'm writing this on my iPad btw, so sorry if the format is a little odd!)

It's been raining here in the UK today, as I think is the norm on a bank holiday, haha. We did have a lovely sunny day yesterday though and I'm flying back to Spain this evening with Mark in tow, cannot wait!

As you know I started the C9 cleanse yesterday (sunday 1st) and I just wanted to check in with you all and give you a little update on how it's going.

Both today and yesterday was the same routine, tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 4x120ml of Aloe Vera gel throughout the day (which I really enjoyed, haha) I had my vanilla protein shake with skimmed milk at lunch - which is gorgeous! I can't wait to experiment and add strawberries to it! And not forgetting I had loads of water and Peppermint tea. 

I am feeling great on it, but there are a couple of negatives, but I do have solutions. The mornings I found the hardest. Mid morning both days, I've had a rumbling tummy and have felt soo hungry. I've chopped some cucumber up into sticks, so every time I got a  grumble I had a nibble and it kept it at bay completely. The 'free' foods list comes in handy for exactly this. Once lunchtime came and I had my shake I was absolutely fine for the rest of the day. I even sat next to Mark while he was having his dinner last night and managed to stay strong and sip my Peppermint tea, haha! It did smell good though!

The other thing was the 'snack' the fiber sachet. Yesterday I had it just straight in hot water and to be honest it tasted like feet. I didn't really enjoy it, but I persevered and drank it all. I know it's good for you to have, as it keeps you, erm, regular during the cleanse! So today I dissolved it in my Peppermint tea and I didn't taste it at all!  

Exercise wise - I have been busy sorting the house out still and doing housework and the odd bit in the garden. I had a little walk yesterday and today I walked to the train station and through the airport - so I think that all counts! 

I think the key to this is to keep yourself busy and make sure you have some of the 'free' foods in, to snack on when you feel hungry. Day's 1+2 are the toughest and I'm nearly done!

Can't lie, I am really looking forward to tomorrow, when I start to have a shake at breakfast as well as at lunchtime and a 600 calorie meal for dinner! Get in! Haha!

I must admit, considering I haven't had much food, I do have loads of energy and I'm feeling so positive and motivated! Excited for the next 7 days!

Hope you had a great Monday guys!! 

Chat soon!

Heather ♥


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