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C9 - Days 3-9

As you guys know I've recently been on the C9 program. If you follow me on snapchat (username sunsparkles282, btw!) I'm sure you would of seen my daily updates of milkshakes, aloe vera shots and low cal meals!

Day 1+2 were the toughest. See my post here.

But once you power through these days it's pretty much a home stretch.

I must admit, by dinner time on day 3 I was more than ready for something to eat! I prepared by looking up low calorie meal ideas on Pinterest and also by looking on the C9 Facebook group for recipe ideas!

I had the vanilla milkshake mix, which I absolutely loved! A couple of times I blended it up with a bunch of strawberries (strawberries are on the free foods list!) and it was delicious! Tip - mixing the forever lite milkshake in a blender or with a hand whisk really makes the difference! 

During my C9 Mark started his leave and I did feel guilty at times that he was missing out 'enjoying' being off work, as we couldn't really go out for slap up meals, drinks, coffees & cakes. (we've made up for it since, lol!)

We also started our next part of our patio, so we were busy with that, mixing up cement and laying down paving stones - it was quite a grueling few days, so I think that counted as my daily exercise!

After the C9 I lost a whopping 6lbs and felt great. My nails are a lot stronger (which is an issue for me, I do suffer from weak nails!) My hair is lovely and strong and my skin has cleared up too. In general I feel so much 'healthier' and I feel so much more aware about what my body does and doesn't need.

I would recommend the C9 100%, it's not all about weight loss - it's about feeling healthier in general and giving you that kick start you need to a healthier life. The weight loss is a bonus!

It is so easy to follow with a daily check list of the tablets and aloe vera you need to take for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It even has the number of glasses of water to tick off. Perfect for me, I love a good checklist!

If you decide to give the C9 ago let me know how you get on in the comments below!

Good luck! You'll love it!

Heather ♥

p.s this is not a sponsored post, I purchased the C9 myself and just want to share my progress and thoughts with you all.


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