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Castillo De Santa Barbara - Alicante

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The other day Mark and I took a ride up into Alicante to have a nose at the Castle there.

Castillo De Santa Barbara.

We've had our house now in this area for over two years and it's the first time we've ventured into the city!
Terrible behaviour really!

So, for our first day out there we thought we'd check out the Castle.


We weren't expecting this at all.

Castillo De Santa Barbara is massive! Huge grounds! You could spend hours exploring and getting lost within the magnificent walls of the Castle.

The views of Alicante are stunning!

Alicante Port

Lot's of Iron Men dotted around!

Alicante Bull Ring 

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We really didn't expect the Castillo to be so spectacular. We weren't properly equipped at all, as we were only armed with our phones for cameras and are kicking ourselves we left Marks SLR at home! Good excuse to make another trip up there!

I think our camera phones did OK though!

There are a couple of coffee shops located within the grounds and also many picnic areas too.

There is no entrance fee at all and parking is free also! (I think there is a lift from the street though that does charge a couple euros).

The Castillo is very high up and the road up to it has quite a few sharp bends and the incline is quite steep! Thank goodness Mark was driving, think it would of  put my 'hill-start' to the test!

I would definitely recommend a trip to Castillo De Santa Barbara if you ever find yourself in Alicante. It really is amazing! Wear comfy, flat shoes too! Mine were comfy, but the soles were a bit slippery! I had a few near misses haha! #clumsy 

Find out more about Castillo De Santa Barbara from their website here.

Heather ♥


  1. Looks a great place, reminds me of Malaga castle. Great pics! xx


    1. Ahh thanks Steph! The post wasn't planned (as usual haha) so hopefully the pics are ok! xx


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