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Jamberry Nails - 7 day challenge

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I was very lucky to be sent a sample for Jamberry nails.

They're a new craze taking the UK by storm and I was chuffed to give them a whirl.

Now, their 7 day challenge is dead easy. Basically apply one of the 'Jams' onto your nail and paint the rest as normal. Wait 7 days and see who's lasted the best! 

They're really cool nail wraps, kinda like 'stickers' I guess, I think that's the best way to describe them. They come in awesome colours and patterns, seriously something for EVERY occasion! My sample is a very pretty, floral pattern, very Spring/Summer. It matched up with the colour I'm wearing at the moment perfectly, Rita Ora's Roll in the Grass

I'll be honest at first I thought this was going to be a faff. Peel it off, heat up for a few seconds with your hairdryer, apply, hold firmly untill it's secure, then trim it off and file any excess away - file away from your nail.

OK, so that was done, time to paint my nails as normal.

Well, it turned out painting my nails was the real faff and I realised what a breeze the Jamberry was to apply.

I had base coat, let it dry, applied three coats of roll in the grass, plus letting it dry in between, then top coat, let it dry, then tidy up the edges with nail polish remover (blimin eck I'm tired out just writing that!). Also to add, that they still looked gloopy and definitely not having the straight out of the salon look!

Whereas my Jamberry, my Jamberry was all neat and pretty. No jaggered edges, no gloopiness and not chipped in seconds of me moving!

I applied this on Friday and today's Wednesday, so I've still got one day to go in the challenge, but the Jamberry is holding up a treat. I'll be honest one little edge does seem to be lifting slightly, but I think this was more my fault, as I didn't press it down well enough when I first applied it. 

I'm really impressed with how the Jamberry has stayed put. It hasn't chipped or moved and basically still looks brand new considering I've been travelling through airports, packing the house up, doing housework and gardening, washed my hair a few times. And if you know me, I am a tad clumsy, so these, so far seem like the perfect solution for great nails!

If you want a sample of your own, so you can do your own Jamberry 7 day challenge or just want to find out more info or even sell them yourself, click here to find the lovely Hayley's website and check out her Facebook page too, here! Don't forget to mention Suncream and Sparkles : )

Follow me on #snapchat guys, username sunsparkles282 to see the final result on Thursday!

I think I know who the winners gonna be!

Catch you later!

♥ Heather

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