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My beach day essentials

- this is a collaborative post with HomeAway. and may contain affiliate links, see my disclaimer/contact page for more info. They made me a fun infographic, below, so I could share my top 5 beach essentials with you - It's June. Summer is on its way and on all our minds!  As you know, I'm super lucky to be spending time at our house in Spain at the mo. So on hubby's days off we're getting the chance to have days out at the beach club, hang out at the pool and enjoy the intense Spanish heat.  But also, its that time of year I'm sure, that a lot of us are planning or have already planned their summer getaway.  We all look forward to it don't we? Our holiday. Whether it's at home or away, its our time to completely escape and chill. Spending days relaxing, reading, listening to our favourite songs on repeat, sipping our favourite summer tipple and soaking up that all important vitamin D.  It's something w

Back to basics for a healthy lifestyle

As you guys know I've been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle lately. It isn't easy though. Especially with constant reports on how we shouldn't eat this, that's bad for you, this is gonna cause you to die and shrivel up to a nothing! Then when we are in full swing of something and feel we're being healthy, all of a sudden that's a no no too! It's all so confusing!! I've been thinking about this, a lot, and I really think we need to take the healthy lifestyle 'back to basics'. We can get so snowed under and overwhelmed with what's good for you, what diet plans we should be following and basically what we should or shouldn't  be consuming. Use restaurants for example. When they get all fancy, most of the time it doesn't work. Mark and I found this a lot, especially living out in the Middle East being surrounded by fancy pants restaurants and even back in the UK, they try too hard and it doesn't work. They need to &#