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Go-to jacket

Hiya Guys!

It's been a little while since I've posted, as Marks recently had over three weeks off work, went to work for his five days then pretty much had another week off! Good-times!

So naturally, I had to have the time off too, haha!

We had a fab time. We laid another part of our patio, which I'm sure if you follow me on snapchat you would of seen it! (Username sunsparkles282 btw!). Lot's of chilling in the sun, we went to Castillo De Santa Barbara which was fab! (see the post here), we went shopping, more tanning and general pottering!

Along with all that, we also participated in a lot of eating and drinking!! 


So now, I'm on a little bit of a health kick to feel healthier again and to shrink my muffins and pot belly back down!

I always know in myself when it's time to shift a few lbs, as I start to become out of breath a lot easier and my breathing becomes heavy, obvious physical changes with my belly & muffin tops too! Tops of my legs start to rub together, gross, clothes start to become a little snugger and I start becoming lazy and lethargic! 

It's not good really is it!

But, I love my food, my vino and cervezas!

So, if I want to enjoy the naughty things in life, I have to put the work in from time to time!

I started last night by having a Jacket Potato for my dinner with one of my favorite fillings! I think it's a healthier option too!

Tuna, sweetcorn, chilli flakes, lemon

My tuna came in sunflower oil, so I mixed the tuna (with the oil, I didn't drain it) 
sweetcorn, sprinkled lot's of chilli flakes (you know I'm a fan!) 
and squeezed lemon into it all!
Gave it a good mix.

Added some chopped onion

Zapped the potato in the microwave till it was nice and fluffy! 
(Ideally I would of finished it off in the oven to make the skin go all lovely & crispy, 
but unfortunately we haven't got an oven here in Spain just yet! 
So the microwave had to do!)

I did add a smidgen of butter to the potato 
- well olive spread - 
just before I dolloped a huge spoonful
of my tuna sweetcorn on top!

Sprinkled on more chilli flakes (optional of course!
and there you are!

Because I didn't drain the oil it gave it a good base for a 'sauce', so I didn't need to add any calorific mayo! Even though I am a huge mayo fan, when you've got the oil, the lemon, the onion and chilli flakes mixed in, there's so much flavour and taste you really don't need the mayo at all!

I love this.

Easy, simple, tasty, healthy and filling!


Heather xx


  1. Definitely trying chilli flakes on mine next time, never thought of that! Looks delicious (and healthy)

    1. Cheers Steph, it is so good! Let me know if you try it! xx


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