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New Desigual bags!

I've been meaning to share with you guys for ages now my two new fabulous bags!

They're from Desigual and I absolutely love them!

I'm sure you would of spied them on my Twitter and Instagram by now, especially this cute little messenger bag!

This messenger bag is my perfect summer bag.

I love the colours. The pattern is awesome and it's just the right size to hold my purse, phone, keys, lip-balm and hand-cream.

To be honest it rarely leaves my side.

I was concerned at first that the yellow on it may get dirty quickly and show up any marks. I've had it probably about two months now and it still looks brand new. It's been on every shopping trip and meals out and not to mention my little beauty has been on a few flights too! So, she's doing well!

It's quite a 'hard' material so if it did pick up any marks, it would be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Now for this coral beauty!

Eek! I'm too excited for this!

I haven't actually used her yet, she's been hiding out in my wardrobe ever since I brought them both home.

I bought this 'Rotterdam Blick' bag with travelling in mind.

I thought it was a little on the big side as an 'everyday' bag here in Spain, but would be perfect for those overnight stops, as it'll fit in a small toiletry bag and a change of clothes perfectly!

Also, on those long-haul flights when you can't be bothered to drag a wheelie bag around with you (they're a pain aren't they) again this coral number is perfect to fit all your 'flight' essentials (and more) in.

Ever since our situation has changed I have a new use for my 'Rotterdam Blick'.

Now, I'm not gonna bore you all too much with our personal finances. I mean, we're not exactly hard up or bordering the breadline, but we could do with a second income, as we have ALOT of outgoings. We, like most of us, like the nicer things in life and want to continue improving both our UK and Spanish homes.

So, in the words of RiRi you gotta Werk, Werk, Werk!

If you follow my snapchat  you'll know I am on the job hunt and I was thinking this gorgeous bag would be the perfect 'work' bag. It's big enough to hold my lunch, maybe a spare pair of shoes and all my 'stuff'!

The colour is fab for summer and I think it's gonna work in the winter too. We all need a 'pop' of colour on those dull wintery days!

Do you treat yourself to a new bag for summer? Whats colours are you loving at the mo? Let me know the bags you're loving in the comments below!

Heather xx


  1. Lovely bags! I definitely love that red one with the floral print inside! I've been loving my street level reversible tote for work and lugging around tons of stuff, but I recently treated myself to a small longchamp tote in a bright pink color to use as just an everyday/errand purse (the nylon material is easy to take care of).

    1. Your longchamp tote sounds lush!!
      I love colorful bags!

  2. the coral/red one. Actually I love them both but I'm a fan of big bags so it's right up my street and you can probably fit the kitchen sink in it!!! :) Great choices.


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