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Omelette with Smoked Salmon

You know I like to keep my food tasty and simple.

Well, this omelette definitely fits that category!

Literally, eggs and smoked salmon.

Now, I know this is the simplest thing ever! But don't you find sometimes that you 'forget' how quick and easy eggs are to make? and using a simple ingredient like salmon, makes them so flippin' tasty it's crazy!

I used three eggs for my omelette and loads of salmon. I like to try to fill up on the healthier stuff!

For the eggs I didn't add any milk or anything, just literally whisked them up!

I got used to making them this way from when I've done the Dukan diet. They taste just as good, seriously do not miss not having milk and butter in them!

So, I heated the pan with a little olive oil. I then wiped round the pan with kitchen roll to remove any excess. Trying to be as good as poss!

Pour in the egg mix and listen to it sizzle.

Once it's starting to cook, turn the heat down low and cook slowly.

I find by doing it this way, it all cooks through without burning the outside and the middle staying raw!

Once it all starts cooking underneath, add in you chopped salmon.

Cook a little more until the egg mix starts to 'harden' then fold one side over to the other.

Continue cooking on low, carefully flip it over.

Check the middle to make sure it's cooked to your liking.

And serve.

See, easy peasy!

Healthy, filling

and Tasty!

I'd love to hear what your favorite filling for an omelette is! Let me know what I NEED to try!


Heather xx


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