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Summer wedding guest dresses to die for!

Recently, I've been ogling some lush dresses from Showpo and I soo wish I had a summer Wedding to attend because they have some absolutely gorgeous dresses at the mo!

I've written about Showpo before (here) and my love for them is stronger then ever, haha. Shockingly, I've so far only ordered myself one item - my eat, sleep, blog, repeat t-shirt! (post here). 

As they're based in Oz I don't want to risk anything not finding it's way to my Spanish P.O Box (I'm sure it would be fine though), but once we're back in England, I will be visiting their website on a regular basis I'm sure!

I thought I'd share with you the dresses I'm lusting after at the mo and how I would style them.

If you've been lucky enough to be invited to a gorgeous Summer Wedding, I hope these give you some ideas and inspiration!

I want them all!

I am seriously obsessed! I love how the maxi dresses show a cheeky bit (a lot) of leg!

When looking for a dress for a special occasion I always like to think about how I could wear it again for a different event and will it last season after season.

I love all these, as they could all certainly be worn for different occasions, but are still special enough to attend a Wedding.

These dresses are just stunning and I would keep my accessories simple. With Summer Weddings you don't need the fascinators and heavy accessories, keep them for more Autumn/Winter Weddings.

Just a simple understated bracelet and a pair of studs is all you need. Keep your make-up subtle and natural.

Let the dress be the WOW and keep the shoes and bag simple and stick to nude colours.

Check out these lush shoes hereherehere, and here!
These cute bags too here and here!

In the past, when I've been invited to Weddings, I've got so stressed out over an outfit and it's taken me months to decide what to wear and then all of a sudden, there's only one weekend left to go and I've had to end up opting for 'anything'! And it's probably ended up quite tragic and nondescript!

We really shouldn't stress ourselves out over a Wedding guest outfit. We are only the guest, lol! I think that 'simplicity' is the key when dressing for a Wedding. We obviously want to look nice and presentable, but you don't want to be the center of attention, we just need to blend. After all, it's the Bride and Grooms special day and all eyes should be on them!

Go with the flow and get yourself an awesome dress that YOU love and something you can see yourself wearing again and again! And remember - keep it simple!


Let me know your thoughts and ideas on how you'd style these up!

Heather ♥


  1. Oh wow! These summer guest dresses are really fantastic. That floral maxi dress simply took my heart. I have to attend a wedding at Chicago wedding venues next month and was searching for a dress for the occasion.

    1. Brilliant, I'm pleased you like them.. the maxi's are beautiful aren't they! Let me know what you get and have a great time!


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