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Too early... Again!

Good morning, good morning!

I think...

She says through blurry tired eyes.

Yep. It's currently 05.28 and I have been awake for a good hour and a half.


I haven't done a post like this for, forever!

Usually, I'm letting you guys know about a fab product I've been gifted or discovered. Or the latest outfit I'm lusting after. An easy recipe I've recently made or some sort of healthy lifestyle tips. But, it's good to spice it up sometimes, hey!

OK, so I am awake so early, again, through no fault of my own. I was having a lovely sleep. the usual position, Poppy snuggled up into my neck gently purring away, Lily like a big fluff ball under the covers escaping the air-con, all blissfully in the land of slumber... ahhhhh... then an extremely loud cat fight starts outside and the girls are 'ping' awake and have to go and investigate! Great...

Everything calms down and now I'm 'ping' awake. Cannot drift back off.... Lily then starts the meowing and the purr purr *like Simons Cat from the cartoon* yep, that's Lily. So I trundle off downstairs and hand feed Poppy and Lily ham. Seriously, they are spoilt!

So that's where we are.

My mind as usual switched to my blog while I was trying to get back to sleep and all these thoughts and ideas started to spin around, so I thought get ya laptop and let's chat!


I chatted a bit on snapchat last night about how I've been sooo lazy these past few days.

Usually by now, I would of at least done all my housework, but that just hasn't happened! I did manage to clean the downstairs bathroom and change a couple of cabinets around. (I'm always having a mini re-arrange here and there!)

I did though yesterday, which I forgot to mention on snap, I did clean the BBQ and do a spot of gardening, but that was an effort, trust me.

Even though I have been incredibly lazy and I'm a teeny tiny bit annoyed with myself how I have wasted these last few days, only a tiny bit mind, haha... sometimes I think it does you good to just be lazy and potter, good to distance a little bit from things and reflect.

Have some time off  if you like.

Even though again I've only had about four, maybe five hours sleep I'm looking forward to today.

My mums got her friend over visiting for a couple of weeks, so I'm meeting them at the Boulevard for some shopping and lunch!

I will also tackle the housework this afternoon too! Well, maybe tomorrow, let's see shall we....


So what are you lovely lot up to today? Are you up mega early too? If you have any sleep tips or recs pass them my way! I can't go on like this, lol!

Have a good one!

♥ Heather

p.s if you like this kind of 'chatty' morning, 'what I'm getting up to today' kinda post, let me know and I'll make it a more regular thing!

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  1. I have those kid of lazy days, often, where you just cant' muster up any energy no matter how hard you try!!! You just have to go with it, that's what I tell myself :) Love these kind of chatty posts and you might as well put your time to good use hey?!

    1. Ah thanks Steph!! I'm glad I'm not on my own!
      I'll try to do more chatty posts! Thanks for the feedback : )


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