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Further thoughts on Forever

As you know I tried out some samples of Forever Living products a little while ago and instantly became a fan! You can see my first post here.

I purchased for myself the Aloe Vera Gelly and the Propolis Creme. Jenna very kindly gifted me the Forever Sun Lips along with some other bits too : )

Both of these are back in England, but every time I go over I de-canter them into 100ml bottles, so I can bring some back over to Spain with me and keep it stocked up here too!

Amazing how long it all lasts actually!

The Propolis Creme is gorgeous on the skin. My original thoughts are the same, it does feel quite 'thick' when you first apply it onto your skin, but after a couple of minutes that feeling disappears.

It really makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. Personally, I don't use this as an everyday moisturizer, but if you want to, it is definitely up to the job! It's also amazing on your skin especially if you suffer from eczema or skin irritations as it contains a natural antibiotic.

Another amazing use for the Propolis Creme, is to use it as a primer before you apply make-up.

OMG! Amazing!

It really does even out your skin tone (and trust me, I know about this, as my face is full of blemishes and red annoying splotches!). After you've put the Propolis Creme on your face, then apply your foundation, powder, bronzer etc, it all goes on so smooth and even. It leaves you with the most incredible, flawless complexion. 10 out of 10!!!


The Aloe Vera Gelly for me has really become a life saver! To say it is an 'all rounder' product is an understatement! We have been using it on all sorts of skin complaints and it is well and truly working it's magic on us!

Like I said in my original review I use it on the little cuts around my finger nails and it clears them up a treat. I also use it on mine and Marks feet as we are both suffering from hard/cracked skin and I also apply it around the toe nails to soften them up too - we live in flip flops at the mo, say no more - Also, teamed up with the Propolis Creme makes your feet feel amazing and like brand new again!

Most recently, I've had a rash under my arms. I don't know if it's from shaving or the heat, as I could be sweating more or maybe it's a combination of both. Anyway, whatever the cause, it's there and sooo sore and uncomfortable. Last night in fact, it was that sore it was bordering on real pain. Seriously, it hurt every time I put my arms down and the skin touched. Ouch!

I instantly thought Aloe Vera Gelly! So I smothered it on and let it dry and it work it's magic. It pretty much instantly took the burning sensation away and this morning the redness has really gone down and there's hardly anything there now!

I swear these two products are magic, there uses are endless and are definitely a must for any household!

Forever Sun Lips - I love this, 100%!

Being in the sun all the time it's so important to protect your skin and that includes your lips.

The Sun Lips contains SPF30 which is definitely what you need for such a delicate part of your body. Even in England! Yep - the doctor told my husband he should wear SPF30 even on a cloudy day! But that's another story!

The Sun Lips is a lip balm as well as sunscreen, so it can be used everyday, not just for a holiday or sitting out in the sun. The doctor is right - those UV rays blimin' get every where!

When you first apply the lip balm it feels quite tingly, but I think that's because it's 'cooling' also.

It feels great and has become a handbag staple for me! I just love it!

Do you use Forever products? Or tried any of these? Would love to know your thoughts on them too!

Take care lovelies!

♥ Heather

p.s this post wasn't sponsored or asked to be posted... just me, blogging xx

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