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I love... Pink marshmallow

The other day I went for a last little look around Zenia Boulevard here in Spain. I'm sure you've heard me mention it once or twice over the past few months. If not, it is a really cool open air 'mall' or commercial centre which they're know as here in Spain.

It's full of all the cool Spanish shops, Zara, Pull & Bear, Springfield, Stravidarius etc plus there's a massive Primark, supermarket, shoe shops, coffee shops and restaurants plus so much more! If you ever find yourself on the Costa Blanca near Torrevieja you should definitely visit Zenia Boulevard it's fab, I love it so much!

For ages now I always casually walk past the shop 'Marvimundo' which is a perfumerie that funny enough stocks perfumes, haha, but this shop is massive and has loads of different make-up brands, toiletries, bath and shower products - seriously so much. I can't believe I've never been in there before!

I went in as I spotted the Rimmel stand and wanted some new nail varnishes - I picked up Sand and Deliver which is a gorgeous nude shade that I've put on my nails and Ring a Ring a O'Roses which I've put on my toes. The colours are so adorable, they remind me of ice-cream! They're so subtle and cute.

Browsing around, I spied these shower cremes and body butters. A little sniff and I was hooked! OMG! the smells are insane! So absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous! Seriously good enough to eat!

They are from 'I love...' then the one I picked up is Pink Marshmallow, so mouthwatering divine!

They have all sorts of flavours and it was hard to decide, but I opted for Pink Marshmallow as it was the first one I picked up and the smell had me gripped. I also really want to try the Lemon Meringue and the Raspberry Ripple oh and Strawberry Creme! Basically all of them!!

Really chuffed how the bath & shower creme lathers up and feels so good on the skin. The bathroom filled with a gorgeous sweet aroma. I was loving my shower! Haha...

The body butter again felt so good on my skin, it moisturized so well and left my skin feeling so silky smooth.

I'm soo chuffed I found these products, but slightly bummed too as we're about to move back to the UK and I'm not going to be able to pick them up regularly. So I thought. Until I spied on the back they're made in Manchester! A little light bulb went off in my head, haha. I instantly turned to google, found their website and saw that they're stocked in our very own Superdrug! Oh my days, happy dance or what! So these two can stay in Spain, so I've got them when we come over for visits and next week I'm going to pick myself up a whole new bunch from Superdrug!!


Have you guys tried these yet? What's your fave flavour? 

Let me know in the comments below!

♥ Heather

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