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August 1st


August 1st already!

I think everyone is saying the same today, 'August already?!' where has the year gone!?'

It is true what they say, as you get older the years do go by quicker and quicker!

I'm only 34! By the time I'm 40 the years will be flashing by at the speed of light at this rate!!! Please slow down!!

Anyway, how was your weekend?

Ours was good. Like this year so far, it was quick. Very quick.

As you know, we drove back from Spain last weekend and me and the furbys are loving being back with Mark 24/7. Commuting was fun, Mark getting to have his days off in Spain was awesome and we're soooo pleased we took the plunge and 'went for it' 7 months ago, but now Marks job has changed to Mon-Fri (so no more commuting) and the fact we were missing each other a ridiculous amount it was time to make a few changes.

Our house is about to sell and we will be moving into a lovely little rental in the country very soon.

The house sale does seem like a long lingering death - they always do don't they! So we will pleased once it's all over and we can settle into our new pad.

So the weekend.

Mark picked up his new car! Which I documented over on snapchat. Sorry if I spammed you! haha, we were just too flippin' excited!

We took our new baby for a spin on Saturday and drove up to see Marks Mum and Step-Dads new puppy and Marks Sister was over too! We got caught in a bunch of traffic, typical for a Saturday I guess, so we were quite delayed.

Was a lovely little catch-up all the same though. Like three naughty children sitting outside playing with the puppy, while the grown-ups were inside preparing snacks - All of a sudden little Bacardi decided to launch himself off of Marks lap onto the stones, we thought we broke the puppy!! Kaye, Mark and myself were in fits of laughter (I guess you'd have to be there!). Side note - Bacardi was fine!!

Then Sunday we strolled into town, grabbed a coffee and cake from Neros. I picked up a copy of #GIRLBOSS, which I've been after for ages now and I cannot put down! Fab book!! I bought a slouchy khaki top with stars on it from a little clothing boutique in town. Then as we were passing a jewelry shop Mark casually turns round and says 'shall we have a look for eternity rings?' Huge smile crosses my face, erm, YESSSSSSSSSS!

We got this gorgeous gold band from H.Samuel. 9ct gold with eight little diamonds set across the top. It's perfect. It's a fairly simple design, which I like, not too dainty, but not bling bling in your face. I'm not really into too much ott bling, too be honest. 

There's a sale on too at the mo! Even better, you know I like a bargain haha - you can find my actual ring here! Mark did tell me afterwards he was going to spend over double then that on my eternity ring! Wowser! But I don't care about the price of it - the style, the moment, the man was all perfect and that's all that matters! Awwww! I did say I'd spend the rest on clothes if he wanted though *insert cheeky monkey emoji* hehe.... 

All in all a pretty special weekend. We managed to squeeze in a little tanning session in the garden too, then finished off with a gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) Pork roast dinner. Yum.

Hope you all have a good one!

Enjoy the rest of August 1st and hopefully the latter part of the year will slow down a smidgen lol!


♥ Heather

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