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Organic & Botanic Day Moisturiser Review

*When the lovely people over at Organic & Botanic asked if I would review one of their products of course I was up for it.

They sent me this gorgeous little jar of  Protecting Day Moisturiser. The scent Amazonian Berry. I say little jar, but it is actually 50ml and a very generous size to be fair! 

As I've just mentioned the jar, let's start there!


The cream is housed in a glass jar. It is surprisingly heavy, but I feel that gives it the more high-end, classy feel that it deserves. It does look very special sitting on the bathroom shelf.

The label and lettering is a simple design, tells you everything you need to know, straight to the point, which is what you want from a label, I do anyway, it just turns me off with too much mumbo jumbo!

 This little jar screams simplicity and class to me. 

Opening the jar the cream sits there all luscious and thick. I can smell the Amazonian Berry immediately, which smells absolutely delightful. I was a little concerned though, as I have fairly sensitive skin and scented moisturisers sometimes don't agree with me. But I wasn't going to let that put me off. 

On it went.

The moisturiser is fairly thick, so again I was concerned it wasn't going to fit well with me because of previous experiences with thicker creams.

I applied the moisturiser onto my face. At first it did feel a little heavy around my cheek area, but then that feeling went away as it settled into my skin.

My skin felt fresh and moisturised. Ahhh, happy customer. And probably slightly relieved, as I really really wanted this moisturiser to agree with me... and it did. : )

I've been using this every morning for probably nearly two weeks now and I'm hooked. I think it has even started to even out my skin tone too! My face always feels so smooth throughout the day and is a great base for my make-up too!

Do you know what I love even more about this cream? Not only does it completely moisturise my skin and leaves it feeling heavenly, they use 100% organic and paraben free ingredients, as well as being Vegan friendly!

Happy days!

10/10 from me!

Find your perfect lotion from Organic & Botanic here and follow them over on Facebook here where they often hold giveaways too!

Thank you Organic & Botanic, I love it!

♥ Heather 

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  1. Haven't heard of this brand but I have super sensitive skin so it could be a good one for me!

    1. You should give it a go, it does feel really nice on and I didn't have any irritation or anything like I have from other scented moisturisers : )


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