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The Ultimate Bathroom Book

Happy hump day guys!

*I'm bringing you a little bit of fun and quirkiness today!

I want to show you this book, The Ultimate Bathroom Book, that I was sent to review!

I love being involved with this kind of thing. Something different, something a little quirky and a lot of fun!

Straight away I was impressed with how colourful and inviting The Ultimate Bathroom Book is.

Bursting with facts and history snippets about the bathroom and it's err, functions shall we say!

I actually found this book really interesting and I love how it's been written in such a fun and easy reading kinda way.

It's described as a novelty fact packed colourful book that's filled with the most interesting, bizarre and funny stories from around the world. And I totally agree!

Also described as a 'coffee table' style book for your bathroom. The Ultimate Bathroom Book is definitely going to be taking pride of place in my bathroom for all it's users to have a little peruse through while, err, enjoying a 'quiet, private moment!'

Pete Hirsch the author and who is also the Director of the bathroom company Soakology has certainly done his homework and put together a brilliant fun book.

I think The Ultimate Bathroom Book would make an awesome fun present for anyone in the family and is the perfect addition to brighten and lighten up any bathroom!

Get yourself a copy and soak up all the amazing, bizarre and funny stories about the bathroom!


Heather xx

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  1. This would make such a cute gift! X

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Hi Louise, It really would! Such a fun gift! xx

  2. Definitely going to have to buy this, it looks so entertaining!




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