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My daily Rituals

Painting DIY with Rust-Oleum Paint!

~ So when the lovely people who do the PR for Rust-Oleum asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their paints and maybe doing some sort of 'garden' project, I was keen to get involved! ~ Now I'll be honest, in my head I like to think I'm this arty dreamy kinda girl, who could sit there all day creating amazing arts and craft projects and have a home filled with unique original items. In reality, I'm Little Miss Clumsy and I'm so completely awkward and cack-handed everything turns out a little bit.....  wrong. But, I was still keen to give this a try! It's summer and it's fun to be outside making the most of the dry sunny days! I was sent a lovely selection of different coloured spray paints and some chalkboard paint too! My idea was to get creative with some old plant pots we had lying around. We had five small plastic pots and one large ceramic plant pot which was completely faded and looked really old & tire