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Life lately, renting & laser eye surgery

Erm... September how'd you get here so quick?! Seriously guys where has the summer gone? August feels like I have literally blinked and missed it!

I cannot believe we're in the last third of the year now! CRAZY!

For us August has been a busy busy month and to be honest I'm not surprised at all that it's whizzed past at the speed of light.

We've sold our house and moved. Which anyone who's sold a house knows how unbelievably stressful it is and moving is a whole other ballgame.

'We haven't got much stuff lets just hire a van and move ourselves'

OMG! NEVER again! We had more stuff then I thought (always the way!) and I flippin ached for days. Quite a few choice words passed between me and Mark haha, but we got it done! How I do not know, especially with hubby's work continuously ringing. 'Erm, days leave and we're moving. Moving our house, on our own, just the two of us!' Yep I wanted to grab the work phone a few times and shout this at his bosses! haha....

Do you know what tho, I have completely new respect for removal men, because how they do all that lifting and maneuvering all day I do not know. For me once was enough and next time we WILL be definitely hiring the professionals!

So we are in our new little pad. We're renting now for the time being. Which I think renting has a real stigma to it, or it definitely used too. I for one always shied away from it and always thought buying was a better option. Probably why I rushed into buying my first flat, but that's a whole different story.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with renting. I mean we've rented places for the last 5 years while we were overseas. I also think renting is good because if you get a good landlord (like we have, they've let us give the place a lick of paint - btw if you are renting, always, always ask your landlord first if you want to re-decorate, it's common courtesy and even though you're paying rent, it is still their house, trust me we have first hand experience when we had tenants and they completely re-decorated our house in wild colours and wallpaper, not good, really not good. But us, we are good haha, a little bit of magnolia downstairs that's all... OK sorry digressed a tad there! Where was I....

Yes renting - It is good as you can settle and make the place 'yours' just hold on the wild painting, haha. But I also think it's good to get to know the area too and if it's really the right place for you to live permanently, if it ticks all the boxes. Also, as Michael Bosstick from the Skinny Confidential says, by renting it also frees up a lot of your capital if you want to invest it in other things. Which I completely agree with. Buying a house requires huge deposits these days and you're tied in. Once you buy a house then you have to think of constant maintenance and up keep, It really is a huge decision and shouldn't be taken lightly.

So we are enjoying being 'renters'. In the UK anyway 'cause if you're a regular on S&S you'll know we have our pad in Spain which is ALL ours. That's where our hearts are and where we will eventually end up. So for us there's no point owning another house here in England... But never say never....


Along with moving house the last two weekends we've been up in London.

The first of the two we stayed the night..

We stayed at the W which we were really looking forward too. We do like our nice hotels and had a bunch of reward points to use. The W was nice on the surface, but it wasn't all that really to be honest. It was pricey too for what it was. The layout was odd. At first I thought it was pretty cool and trendy with the sink and vanity area in the middle of the room, but after a while it just got on our nerves. The T.V was a stupid internet T.V which you needed a university degree to be able to navigate round and the bed was really uncomfortable.

I was so looking forward to a really good nights sleep in a comfy hotel bed, but it didn't happen. Plus with it being a trendy London hotel, on a Saturday night, you heard all the party-goers coming back in the early hours and not having any consideration for grandma over here sleeping!

We being true to form woke up early and literally got up and got the next train home. Home to our furby's. We really appreciate our bed now, we never thought it was that comfy, but it is, it so is.


Then last weekend we were back up in London, but just for the day as Mark had laser eye surgery! The operation was really quick and the results are amazing. My hubby can see without glasses! Which I'm starting to wonder if it's a good thing, as Marks starting to notice every single line and wrinkle that's appeared on my face in the last three years, since he started wearing glasses, lol!

Seriously, it is amazing. It's not completely how they make out tho, that you have the op then ta-dar you can see perfectly. I mean Mark can see, but it is still blurry in places and will take a few months to settle down and adjust properly. He has a bunch of eye drops that he has to have four times a day, so that's my job. If you know me, you know I get completely squeamish when it comes to anything to do with eyes, but I'm manning up and getting through it, haha! But it is definitely a life changing procedure and definitely one we'd recommend.

So that's been about us the last few weeks. Now we're looking forward to couple of weekends over in Spain getting the house prepped for some building work we're starting to have done! So exciting! I've also got a ootd post planned for you guys - some gorgeous bits I recently purchased from Boutique of Molly which I cannot wait to show you! Hopefully next week guys, stay tuned!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to follow me over on Snapchat! username sunsparkles282

Hasta luego!

Heather xx

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