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My daily Rituals

A couple of weekends ago when Mark and I were in Spain having our usual trip around the Boulevard we came across the shop Rituals. I'm sure it's been there a while, but we've never noticed it before. As I'm becoming more and more obsessed with skincare I had to have a look.

Now Rituals have been around for a little while now, since 2000, so I am sure you guys have heard of them before. Sometimes I swear I've been on a different planet or something and am completely behind the game. Not good for a blogger really? haha..

Anyway, I was really impressed with the store. So unbelievably calming and I immediately felt like I had been transported into a Far Eastern spa. Completely in awe of all the products, really not knowing what to choose, but I was in one of those moods that I wasn't walking out of the shop empty handed! I'm sure the lovely shop assistant picked up on my 'I have to spend now' vibes as Mark kept looking at me slightly smirking and shaking his head like - you are such a marketing mans dream - he always says that to me, haha!

If you follow me on snap you would of noticed I'm slightly obsessed with my ever appearing wrinkles haha on my ageing 34 year old skin. I swear they have appeared over night - I literally have woken up one morning and have a face full of wrinkles! I'm in serious need of some good 'grown-up' face cream!

The shop assistant recommended this Essential Anti-Aging Day Cream. Which also contains SPF15, which ladies, is soooo important and you should always, always use creams with SPF in them!

I've been using this day cream for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I really think my wrinkles have started to fade and my skin feels really really good and I swear my skin looks a little perkier too!

At the checkout my assistant also showed me some different hand creams. The Miracle Scrub caught my eye. She instantly whisked me over to the Balinese style sink and massaged some of the Miracle scrub on my hand and rinsed it away under the warm water. OMG! My hand felt so incredibly soft! Sold! Then I heard a 'come on, no more' whisper under hubby's breath, hehe... OK, I swiftly paid up and left.

The Miracle scrub, really is a miracle! I've only had to use it a couple of times and I haven't used any separate hand creams since. I squeeze a tiny amount, a pea size I guess onto the back of my hand (dry) massage in, then rinse. They seriously stay soft for at least a week and like I said, I haven't been reaching for my regular hand cream every five minutes either! I love this scrub and it really works for me. My hands stay soft, which is amazing for me, as I do suffer from super dry hands. I also swear that the skin on my hands is starting to look less'baggy' too!

Because I hadn't heard of this brand before I had to search them out on the web. I couldn't believe how many stores and outlets there already are around the country! A lot seem to be within a Debenhams or Marks and Spencer, but also stand alone shops too. See if there's one near you here! You can also order online and I've noticed if you spend over £40 you get a free gift of an Eau de Parfum set for him or her. Plus they offer free delivery with the UK and some European countries too. (Correct at the time of publishing this post, please look for current offers on the website).

Reading their 'About Us' I was so impressed and not only am I really into their products, their ethics and outlook is spot on too! I'm not going to re-write their whole section on here lol, but I will let you know that they don't test on animals. The materials they use are natural and not harmful to the environment. Also very interestingly, as it's been in the news recently about what all our lotions and potions contain. Rituals remove harmful substances like parabens, phthalates and MIT and also 100% microbeads free. Now, I'm no scientist and no super clued up beauty guru, but I do know that it's a really, really good thing these are removed, as they are super harmful to the environment. Read all about Rituals for yourself here.

Seriously Rituals have top top marks from me and I can't wait for my next purchase!!

Have you heard of Rituals before? 
Bought any products from there you wanna recommend?

 Let me know in the comments below!

♥ Heather


  1. Ah I love this.. thank you for sharing! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, it is really lovely and I hope you keep up your amazing work! x

    1. Hi Adele, thank you so much for your lovely comment and thank you for stopping by! xx

  2. I've heard of Rituals before and seen the products before, but never tried them. They do look fabulous and I'm so bad with knowing what is good for yoy that I never think to check for Spf but I will be doing from now on thanks for that tip.
    Lovely blog post.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lisa! I would of been lost if it wasn't for the lovely shop assistant, but SPF is sooo important, your future skin will thank you lol xxx


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