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Painting DIY with Rust-Oleum Paint!

So when the lovely people who do the PR for Rust-Oleum asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their paints and maybe doing some sort of 'garden' project, I was keen to get involved!

Now I'll be honest, in my head I like to think I'm this arty dreamy kinda girl, who could sit there all day creating amazing arts and craft projects and have a home filled with unique original items.

In reality, I'm Little Miss Clumsy and I'm so completely awkward and cack-handed everything turns out a little bit..... wrong.

But, I was still keen to give this a try! It's summer and it's fun to be outside making the most of the dry sunny days!

I was sent a lovely selection of different coloured spray paints and some chalkboard paint too!

My idea was to get creative with some old plant pots we had lying around. We had five small plastic pots and one large
ceramic plant pot which was completely faded and looked really old & tired.

First of all I sprayed the large pot white. It took a few coats as it was quite a large area. The smaller plant pots had two
coats each and I alternated some of the colours.

My idea for the smaller pots was, once they were dry I was going to have a lovely square on the front in chalkboard
paint, so that you could label your pots up easily for planting different herbs in, for example.

I cut up some masking tape into strips and stuck it onto the front of each pot.

I lightly rubbed some sand paper over the area I wanted to paint, as in the instructions it says the area needs to be
a 'little abraded to provide a key'.

I opened the chalkboard paint and gave it a good stir. I used some children's art brushes to apply the chalkboard paint.

I painted on a couple of coats and left to thoroughly dry overnight.

Now, for my large plant pot, I absolutely love the plain white, but as I still had some lovely colours left I thought I'd use
the purple and green to make some diagnol stripes down the side! So off I went and masked off the area I wanted to
apply the paint too.

On went the purple and green and left overnight to dry.

OK, all quite simple and easy I bet you're thinking. Yes, in theory and if you have some experience and practice with this
sort of thing I'm sure the idea would turn out a dream. But for me, no.

The next morning I cheerfully went into the utility room to remove all the masking tape and take some lovely pictures of my
pinterest perfect pots for you guys. Erm.... 

I peeled off the tape from the large pot and all my colour had ran under the tape and looked a complete mess!


Now what!?

OK I thought. so maybe the stripes would of worked if I had of hand painted them,
but spray painting the stripes didn't work for me at all.

Thinking, well I loved the plant pot being crisp brilliant white, very Santorini esque!

So outside I went with the pot, some sandpaper and more of the white spray paint.

I rubbed the pot down where I had sprayed the purple and green on it as there was quite a few drips and I wanted
the surface to be as smooth as possible before I re-sprayed. I wiped off any dust and sprayed, sprayed, sprayed away!

Voilá! I re-potted some Aloe Vera into the plant pot. 
The lush green from the Aloe plant looks brilliant against the white! 

The small pots didn't exactly go to plan either. When I removed the masking tape it pulled off some of the coloured spray
paint with it and had also run under the masking tape. In hindsight I maybe should of removed the tape sooner, rather than later. 

Also, the tape had left ridges, which was a little disappointing.

So I took the pots and the chalkboard paint outside and decided to go free-hand and re-paint.

I didn't want to do this originally, as I know I'm a little wobbly, you just have to see my nails when I paint them! All over the edges!

But then I thought, they're garden pots and so what if the lines aren't perfect, it just gives them the whole boho, rustic, earthy feel!

And it did.

Even though my original ideas didn't exactly go to plan, fun outdoor projects like these are all about trial and error. I'm really pleased how they turned out in the end and the Rust-Oleum paints are awesome. I loved the colours and the chalkboard paint is amazing! I'm still desperate to use the purple and green colour as they did look so good! I have a couple of old wooden planters buried in the garage, do you think I should have a go at them next!? Let me know!!

These have really brightened up the garden and is a great way to revive your outdoor space if you fancy a little change, but not ready to embark on a big renovation project! Also, even though I don't have children I bet this is a fun thing to get the kids involved with too! There's a few days left of summer if you're running out of ideas to keep them entertained!!

Find your own inspiration and fun ideas with these awesome paints and more! Click the link here!

Happy painting guys!

Heather x x

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