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Weekend, Oasis treats & Cinema date

Happy Hump day guys!

Can't believe I'm only just getting around to writing this post, as I was so going to write this on Monday. I then got side-tracked with the grocery shopping and then housework. Tuesday I was DEFINITELY going to write this, but further housework was calling and the day just slipped away! Lazy blogger? Maybe? But housewife and fur-baby mumma first, blogging secound lol!

But here I am!

How was your weekend?

Mine was fun I must admit!

Friday afternoon Mark had his one month post eye op check-up at the opticians. Pleased to report back that his eyes are doing great and everything's on track for perfect vision. Seriously life changing operation!

Then off we went for a look at the shops....

You know how I always say I'm a 'marketing mans dream'? Well perfect example of this was Friday. We were walking past Oasis and they had a big sign outside 30% off today! (on selected lines of course) In I went. Favorite shop, be rude not too! Out I came with three purchases. A gorgeous red dress for Christmas, (but I am hoping to wear it before too!) a navy tee with white stars and a light grey jumper with red stars. None of these were in the 30% off promo btw! *Insert cheeky monkey emoji*!

Students! I did notice for a limited time students get 15% off in Oasis!
Happy days!

So excited with my new clothes, but the next day I did feel slightly guilty of spending £108 on three items. I did contemplate returning the jumper, which you would of seen on Snap and Twitter, but due to high positive feedback it stayed!! 


Saturday we went visiting Marks family in Buckinghamshire, which was lurvely! Even though most of the time we were sitting on the M25! Seriously I swear there's more traffic then ever these days!! But it's worth it to see the fam!


Then all of a sudden Sundays upon us. After a lazy morning we went back into town, free parking on Sunday, got to make the most of it! We went for a Costa, but resisted the cake! We've been trying to shift a few lbs the last week and we're doing OK, so would be a shame to mess it up! Even though I am a bit partial to a Costa cake, they will still be there in a few weeks time! Willpower!

I had to change my Oasis dress as the stitching had come away around the zip as it's quite delicate material. They swapped it no problem and this one is tip top! I should of been more thorough in the first place! 

Then after a mooch around the shops and town started to becoming busier we headed back home for a while before heading back out to the Cinema for the 17.10 showing. Having a few mins to kill beforehand we popped into the Hollywood bowl next door. We haven't been in there for years and we spontaneously had a go on the air hockey, which was loads of fun. I was rubbish, lol. Mark won hands down, but it was good fun!

Then time for our movie, Bad Moms. Hilarious, absolutely flippin' hilarious. I loved it!

I hope you guys all had a great weekend, even though it seems a million miles away now! 


♥ Heather

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