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Pure Chimp Super Tea!

~ I was kindly gifted this tea in exchange of an honest review ~  As you guys know I love, love, love my herbal teas. I mean I do still love a cup of Tetley, who doesn't?!  And I always have to have a cup in the morning, it used to be three before I could even function lol, but  I've retrained myself that one is more than sufficient, then it's time to move onto the herbal-licious blends! So when Pure Chimps were looking for bloggers to review their Matcha  Green Tea,  my hand was straight up to volunteer and they kindly sent me over this sachet to try.  How cute is this packaging?!  So excited and eager to try this blend out! Now I'm sure you guys have heard of Matcha Green Teas before, as there are many different brands selling  this on the market and in tea bag form too - which is handy for on the go - but why the loose powder and  whats all the fuss about Matcha Green Tea anyway? What is so special about Matcha?  The

Spanish delights - La Zenia

Mark and I try to get over to Spain as often as we can, even if it's just for a short weekend. We both have this untold love affair with Spain and always feel so happy and relaxed when we're there. Even with building work going on at our actual house and houses being built up around us, we still feel so relaxed and happy when we're there. It really is a whole different vibe, and we love it. Arriving late on the Friday which always means a mammoth lay-in on Saturday. We always feel guilty though for sleeping in past midday! Even though it is completely in our rights to do so, as it is a day off and we never get to sleep before 3am the night before, as the flight gets in late, then we have to sort the car hire, drive to the house, etc etc... We still feel like we're 'missing out' of precious Spain time, so we always push ourselves to get up! So on Saturday before we started our 'jobs' we thought we'd head down to our usual beac

Fab Little Bag!

You've probably guessed the subject of today's post from the cover picture! Yep, I'm chatting about tampon disposal with Fab Little Bag. I saw these on Twitter a little while ago and instantly I knew I wanted to try them out and feature them on the blog. Then not so long ago I saw a tweet from Fab Little Bag, that they were offering free samples if you texted a number. Great stuff! Simple right? It would be but, my phone wouldn't let me text the number, grrr.. I think because I have a pay as you go and the bundles only let you ring/text regular numbers.  Anyway, I cheekily DM'd them on Twitter and they sent me out some samples pretty much straight away! Well, if you don't ask.... They arrived within a few days and just at the right time! So I could get to 'testing' them asap and didn't have to wait another month to try them out for real! I'd like to be able to tell you that was completely planned and timed precisely, but you know

Going green with ORGANii

Spending ban - Ideas to cutting back...

- this post contains affiliate links - You may have noticed a couple of my tweets recently that I am shamefully on a 'Spending Ban'. Now, this is something both Mark and I have come to agreement on, as looking at our recent credit card statements we I, have been a little too fluid with the spends lately. So, we are putting a little 'ban' on for a few weeks! Seriously do not know how I am going to cope!! Haha... Only joking! But it did get me to thinking though about where to cut back on everyday things and where each of us can save here and there. Especially at the moment where there's hardly any interest on savings and things do seem to be getting more and more expensive! So here's a bit of random list! Nothing in any particular order, just little ideas where we can all cut back in our every day lives! ********** * First of all - I know I said no particular order, but this ones a definite first and then it