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7 days....

Hiya guys!

It's been bloody 7 days since I last posted to S&S!

Where the hell has the last week gone and what the bloody hell have I been doing???

So much for me 'working on my shit everyday....' remember my post from last week?

Well, I'll let you into a secret, even if I'm not posting to my blog all week, it doesn't mean I'm not constantly thinking about it! Because I am. 24/7 S&S is on my mind!

But I apologise if you were wondering where I was, haha... I'm sure you didn't even bat an eyelid, haha!

+ + + + +

Anyway, me, us, S&S, shopping!

Mark started his new job on Monday! And it's going well, I think this ones the best job yet! Hi five to hubby, 'cause he bloody deserves it after the last few years!

So along with new jobs, housewife duties, haircuts (yep, finally got my hair done, so long roots, hello blonde! All cut and feeling brand new again!).

Last Sunday we popped into town and I picked up this lovely purse from River Island. It was only £10 and it is perfect! It fits all my cards in (well the ones I need daily, lol!) and it still remains nice and sleek. I hate when your purse gets all big and bulky! I'm loving the snakeskin detail and gold trim!

So this week has literally flown by! Seriously. I actually seem to be saying things like that a lot recently. Someones either robbing some hours and days from the week or it's true what they say and life goes extra quick when you get older. I'm guessing the latter, arghhhh! Well, in the meantime I'm swooning over everything black and gold!

Seriously loving this L'Oreal Palette Nude I got a little while ago on a flight. Love a cheeky onboard purchase! I haven't been too much into eye-shadow for a long, long time now, only if I was going out at night. But I am really getting back into it and I have been wearing various shades everyday! I do feel like I've been missing out on the eye-shadow game! Better late then never to get involved I guess!

Have you also spied the Primark treats?!?! Wooden heart/love hanging. How unbelievably cute is that! And you guys won't believe me, but it was only £1 on sale!!! Yup!!! Bargain......!

And the nail files! Arghhhhhhh! Say no more! They come in a pack of four, two plain and two striped. I don't think I'm gonna be able to use the striped ones, they are too cute, too cute!

Are you like me and loving the black and gold feel at the mo?!

Loved catching up with you guys!

Promise I won't leave it so long next!

See ya later!

Heather ♥

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