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Blogging & me....

Searching quotes this morning, as you do! I came across this one.

Decide what you want. make a fucking plan
and work on that shit
Every. Single. Day.

*sorry for the language granny!

It really got me thinking. Like proper thinking. I love my blog. I think all bloggers do (not mine their own! Haha). It's like this little outlet of ours, our tiny creative space on the internet, where we can be totally US. Some blog for a hobby, some blog for money, some blog to be able to vent. Whatever reason, I think it's fab and am so pleased I found the whole world of blogging.

I personally blog for a hobby. I think I've mentioned before that when we were living overseas I wanted some sort of 'hobby'. Something that wasn't really going to cost us any money, but something I could potter on and enjoy. As hubby was at work all day and to be honest, I didn't really have many friends to hang out with. Blogging popped up. I was off. It's taken me many years to get Suncream and Sparkles to the stage it is today. Lot's of hard work and tears! I don't think people realise how much work goes into 'making' a blog. Seriously HTML and coding still baffle me and some of the things I've done on my blog, I probably wouldn't be able to explain how I did it! But I got there and still learning everyday!

Over the past year I've started to get some interest from brands and have been lucky enough to of been sent a few bits to write about here and there. It's brilliant. I myself have discovered new brands along the way, that without blogging I probably wouldn't of discovered. I love being able to write about them on here and share my thoughts with you all. 

I'll be absolutely 100% honest, I would love now for Suncream and Sparkles to be my 'job'. Since I was at school I always wanted to become a fashion journalist. I loved English and did quite well in my English GCSE's scoring both a B for Eng Lang & Eng Lit. 

As life moves on I sadly didn't have the drive or confidence to see that through. I did end up becoming Cabin Crew, which totally helped with my confidence issues, I learnt a lot! I grew up a lot! Met my Mark and ended up going on an overseas adventure... which led me to blogging and revisiting my love for writing. 

So here I am today. A total housewife, cat mumma and trying to make blogging my full time job! I know I have a loooong way to go, but I'm loving the thought that it could be possible. A little while a go I stopped stressing myself out at the lack of high stats. I was completely focusing on the wrong things. Now for the time being, I am just concentrating on my writing and photography, if it's meant to be, the the rest will follow. 

Everything's possible if you put your mind to it.

I must add, once I switched myself off from stats and analytics I suddenly had lot's of post ideas coming to me, I felt happier and more positive about my blog. It really is about changing your mindset and learning to focus on what's important. Which probably goes for a lot of things in life!

Have a lovely day guys
and as always, thank you for stopping by!

Much love

Heather xx

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  1. Great post. We all just need to stick with it - I've tried blogging before and I always gave up after awhile. I've recently started a new one and am determined to stick with it this time.

    1. Aww thankyou lovely! I know there's been so many times I've wanted to give up and think I was no good, but glad I kept going! I find little 'breaks' and 'time outs' good too! : )


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