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Dukan Cookies

If you follow me on Snapchat (sunsparkles282) you would of noticed a couple of times that I've been making Dukan Cookies.

Every time Mark and I want to shift a few lbs we always seem to revert to the Dukan diet. Must be honest we're not completely strict with it, but use it as a guide more than anything.

Whether I'm on a diet or not I always seem to get the mid afternoon munchies. I know I'm probably not officially hungry, but I wanna snack. Simple. I want a treat!

Stomach you're bored, not hungry! 
quote, unknown

So flicking through my Dukan cookbook, my exact version I can't seem to find online, but there are loads here! I found these Dukan Cookies. Now, they aren't exactly cookies, but more like flat sponge cakes. Well, mine are anyway, haha! I'm not sure if they're supposed to 'harden' up like a tasty Maryland cookie lol! But this is how they turn out for me, haha!

I will state now - these are 100% tasteless. So please don't cook these to try to wow your friends or family or win bae's heart! Mark tried them and hasn't since, not a fan at all!! But he's a sealed deal with me, so I can test my crap food on him! hahahaha....

I make these purely so when the mid-afternoon hunger monster strikes I've got something to shove in my mouth and not feel guilty about it! I have though, been adding the very yummy Forever Honey to them and they have changed the game completely! I am getting used to them now and it's probably completely psychological, but I do feel like I'm getting my treat fix without any of the guilt!

So if you want to give them a whirl and I haven't completely put you off here's the recipe ↓↓↓

You will need

2 eggs separated
oat bran
vanilla essence

2 Tablespoons of oatbran

The recipe says 20 drops of vanilla essence. I just gently poured an amount I
 think equated to 20 drops!!

You need two bowls. Separate your eggs. Yolks in one, whites in the other.

In the bowl with the yolks, mix the oat bran, vanilla essence, a teaspoon of sweetener 
and a teaspoon-ish of water all together 

Get your trusty whisk ready.

You will need an electric whisk. First time I made these I whisked the 
whites by hand and they took forever! I wouldn't recommend it!

I got my electric whisk from Tesco for only £8! here

In the other bowl whisk up your egg whites until they're stiff

Then 'fold' the whites into the oat bran mixture.
I'm not too sure how to fold, so I just slowly mixed a little in at a time.

If you can 'fold' please, please, please tell me in the comments below!!

Pop the mixture onto a baking tray. I picked up this little one 
from Tesco for only £1.50 here

Cook on 180 for about 20 mins

and there you are...

Dukan Cookies

If you give these ago, please let me know how they turn out!!


+ + UPDATE! 8.11.16 + +

Since making these a few more times, I've discovered baking them in my bargain
 £1 dish from Poundland, they actually come out sooo much better!

I'm now obsessed with my Dukan Cake!

Heather ♥

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