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Fab Little Bag!

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

You've probably guessed the subject of today's post from the cover picture! Yep, I'm chatting about tampon disposal with Fab Little Bag.

I saw these on Twitter a little while ago and instantly I knew I wanted to try them out and feature them on the blog.

Then not so long ago I saw a tweet from Fab Little Bag, that they were offering free samples if you texted a number. Great stuff! Simple right? It would be but, my phone wouldn't let me text the number, grrr.. I think because I have a pay as you go and the bundles only let you ring/text regular numbers.

 Anyway, I cheekily DM'd them on Twitter and they sent me out some samples pretty much straight away! Well, if you don't ask....

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

They arrived within a few days and just at the right time! So I could get to 'testing' them asap and didn't have to wait another month to try them out for real! I'd like to be able to tell you that was completely planned and timed precisely, but you know me, I'm not that organised, lol!

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

You know the scenario. Flo, the monthly's, the blob (Marks reference btw!) surfing the crimson wave (still remember that from Clueless!) Whatever you want to call it, she's in town and it's never a comfortable situation. Seriously, even at 34, I'm still not 'used' to it and dread it each month. The ickiness, the pain, the moods, OMG! Why us!? And the last thing we want to deal with is messy disposal! 

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

I love how discreet Fab Little Bag is. It doesn't make a rustling sound, so there's no public toilet paranoia going on. It is really easy to use, with the handy finger loops, so you can hold it in place. There's a sticky strip just on the inside, so it can be sealed securely and Fab Little Bag is not see through in the slightest, so the contents won't be seen. 

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

I think these are a brilliant invention. I mean how many times have you been in a toilet and there's no sanitary bin? and the little waste bin doesn't even have a bin liner. Serious dread and panic always hovers over me. And on airplanes too. Yes there's the bin for hand towels etc, but to put your dirty tampon in there is quite frankly gross, as someone has still got to empty that bin! Quite often the crew (especially on long flights) have to get their hands in there to press all the contents down before it gets too full. Trust me, I'm ex crew, that does happen....

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

Fab Little Bag gets 10/10 from me and will be a handbag staple from now on. Not only does it get rid of any worry and stress at that time of the month, they are also good for the environment too. I mean it's not really the best thing to flush the tampons down the loo anyway and these Fab Little Bags are oxo-biodegradable and made from 35% organic waste material.

my spanish vida blog fab little bag

Oh we do like a product that's useful, practical and good to the environment too!

Have you tried Fab Little Bag? Would love to know your thoughts!
You can find them on Twitter here and their website here.

Happy, confident, disposal ladies!

Heather xx


  1. I've actually never found myself without a sanitary bin handy. But these sound useful if you're in a bind.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Oh definitely! Handy for your bag 'cus you never know lol... xx

  2. This would be really handy to take to school!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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