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Pure Chimp Super Tea!

* As you guys know I love, love, love my herbal teas. I mean I do still love a cup of Tetley, who doesn't?! 
And I always have to have a cup in the morning, it used to be three before I could even function lol, but 
I've retrained myself that one is more than sufficient, then it's time to move onto the herbal-licious blends!

So when Pure Chimps were looking for bloggers to review their Matcha Green Tea, 
my hand was straight up to volunteer and they kindly sent me over this sachet to try. 

How cute is this packaging?! 
So excited and eager to try this blend out!

Now I'm sure you guys have heard of Matcha Green Teas before, as there are many different brands selling 
this on the market and in tea bag form too - which is handy for on the go - but why the loose powder and 
whats all the fuss about Matcha Green Tea anyway? What is so special about Matcha? 

The Good Stuff 

+ Matcha is 100% pure ground green tea leaves
+ boosts metabolism & burns calories - so helps you loose weight!
+ enhances your mood
+ good for concentration
+ calms you
+ relaxes the body
+ prevents disease
+ lowers cholesterol & blood sugar
+ rich in fiber & vitamins

Matcha is soo amazing that just one cup is equivalent to ten cups of regular green tea!

Pure Chimp have some lovely recipes over on their website here of different ways to enjoy their Matcha Green 
Tea. I think some people find it quite bitter and hard to drink, so making it into lattes and cakes is a fab way to 
make sure you're getting your daily Matcha intake!

Me though. I do like to think I'm a hardcore Matcha tea drinker! I have it full on straight in hot water!
Literally, I have a nice heaped teaspoon mixed with boiling water. I was so gutted that my mini electric whisk 
is still in Spain, so I couldn't give it a good whizz up! But, a good stir is good enough for me!

I really found Pure Chimp's Matcha Green Tea nice and smooth and so easy to drink. 
I really am pro Matcha and think Pure Chimp's have an awesome blend! 
Check out their cute mini whisk too here! I want one immediately!

Love to know how you drink your Matcha!

Also, Pure Chimp are having a massive sale for their 3rd Birthday!
Be sure to check them out here!

Happy Birthday Pure Chimp!

 Heather xx

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  1. I absolutely love matcha! this tea looks and sounds fab.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. My fiance would love this. He is into green tea lately and I will make sure I check this out and buy for him! :)


    1. Oh he'll love it! Yes check out Pure Chimp as they're having a sale at the moment! : )

  3. I have never tried Matcha Teas before, but like you I love my herbal Teas so so much! I love trying out different kinds and stocking my cupboard up with many types. I will have to give this a whirl, it sounds fab and wow so much goodness too hun!!
    Great blog post!
    LisaGXoX 💕

    1. Lisa you need to give it a try! It can take a little getting used too, but I love it so much! So much goodness it's crazy! Check out pure chimp while they have a sale on! xx

  4. This looks amazing.. I have to give it a try! x


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