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Hiya guys!

How was your weekend?!

Hope you had an awesome one! Any Halloween shenanigans to report????

Seriously how big is Halloween in the UK now? All of a sudden it's everywhere! I must admit Mark and I haven't done anything for it, haha, not even a Halloween themed candle or anything, tragic... It has come around really quick and now I'm starting to think is Christmas gonna be the same!? All of a sudden, pow it's here!

So the weekend. We were in sunny Spain again. And it was lovely and sunny and warm and OMG take me back! The evenings are starting to get a tad chilly though when the sun goes in, but it still is the nicest temperature.

As usual we were really busy and my plan of taking some blog pics just didn't happen! Again it was a late arrival Friday night which meant not getting to sleep till about 3am. Lay in Saturday then a trip to Lidl's. Lidl's is soooo much nicer in Spain, well then our local one here anyway!

Saturday afternoon was spent tidying up the garden, cutting back the plants and general household 'stuff'. I tell you what, it really was 'domestic bliss'. Haha... We popped round my Mums for a cuppa and a catch up. Then Mark and I headed back to ours for a BBQ... then time for bed, up early-ish for a flight back Sunday lunchtime.

Poof weekend over....

+ + + + +

So anyway, I am loving the weather here at the moment! How lucky have we been? Now, I know I was just banging on about the lush weather in Spain, but sometimes especially in the UK it doesn't matter if it's a bit chilly, but it is sooo nice to see the bright sunshine! I love how it looks against the autumnal colours of the trees....

I must admit, I really am having trouble driving with this winter sun though! It glares straight in doesn't it! I'm constantly squinting and reaching for my visor!

But the have sent me these gorgeous black and gold sunnies (you know I'm loving the black and gold from my post the other day!). They are soo cool and chic and will go with everything! Just because we're in Autumn doesn't mean all our sunglasses have to be buried away! Well clearly not, with the glorious sunshine we are having!!

Check out the for all your online glasses needs! They have regular sunglasses like mine, but also glasses and prescription sunglasses. I also have a special discount code for you guys! Use the code GSHOT50 to get 50% off any sunglasses or glasses and it includes free lenses too! (must add, it excludes sale frames).

But what a great offer! Let me know what you get!!

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine and go easy when you're 
driving with that winter sun!!

Happy Halloween!

Chat later!

Heather ♥

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