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Chatting with Steph from Priceless Life Of Mine

I'm very excited today to introduce you guys to my beautiful blogger friend Steph, from Priceless Life of Mine.

Steph and I have formed a firm friendship through blogging and even though we haven't actually met in the flesh (although we are trying to sort this out!), Steph is always there for me when I have my blogger 'meltdowns' offering kind words and support and has really become a real friend and definitely my 'best blogging friend'! bbf!

Steph very kindly answered a few question I threw at her about, her blog and blogging! Check them out below!

Tell me about your blog!

I write a lifestyle blog which encompasses beauty, fashion, travel and quite frankly anything I enjoy and think my readers will enjoy. When I started I knew I didn't want to be restricted to just one topic as hubby and I lead such busy lives there's always something to talk about. I love it too, and it's totally taken over my life!

What made you start blogging?

To be honest I came across a blog whilst browsing the internet one day, found a few more and got really interested. I hadn't read that many when I thought 'I could do that too!' Being a 40plus blogger it seemed there was a bit of a gap (although we're growing in numbers slowly) and I wanted to help fill that gap. I also thought it would be a great way to document our life, sort of an online diary for us and our kids to always be able to look back on.

If you could go back in time to when you first started blogging, what tip would you give yourself?!

Don't stress. That's the biggest tip I'd give myself. I'm sure I nearly gave myself an ulcer with all the stress it caused me. They'll be many frustrations and possibly tears but things sort themselves out one way or another. Google WILL be your best friend for evermore, no doubt about that!

Other then blogging what do you like to do in your spare time?

Chilling with the hubby, commonly known as Mr C on the blog, catching up on TV (we're forever catching up) as we're so busy. We both like to walk and cycle, and spend time with family and friends. 
Oh, I forgot the drinking bit, but everyone does that don't they?!

You always seem to be on the go with events, holidays and 'life' in general. What do you do to relax and 'switch' off?

That's a difficult one because I don't tend to switch off, I find it hard. I have such an active mind and am always on the go. I guess to switch off I'd read a book or magazine but that doesn't happen very often. I struggle to find my off button :)

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a blog?

Just do it. It's fun and scary all at the same time but you'll love it. TRY not to compare yourself to others (although that's a really hard one!) and we all do it at times. Just be you. Writing a blog can help build your confidence in many ways and you grow as a person. oh and you make lots of lovely new friends like this lady that's interviewing me right now!

If you could meet any blogger for lunch and a chit chat who would it be?

No hesitation here, Rosie from The Londoner. I love her sense of style, her sense of humour and her posts just draw you in, leaving you wanting to read more and more, now that's a talented blogger, and her photos are off the scale beautiful too! Victoria from In The Frow comes in a very close second.

Aren't Steph's photos gorgeous! 

You can find Steph over on her social channels too

Before we go, a fun, quick fire round!

Dog or Cat?

Flats or heels?
Almost always heels (I am a short arse and don't feel feminine in flats)

A night at a club or snuggled up at home
Snuggled up at home although I do enjoy going out to dance (I love to dance)

Fancy pants restaurant or fast food restaurant
Fancy pants restaurant

Tea or coffee
Tea most of the time but the odd coffee thrown into the mix!

Sweet or savoury

Costa or Starbucks
Starbucks (hmmm......iced frappacino)

Beer or wine
Wine. Beer is yuk!

Beach holiday or adventure holiday
Beach holiday although I'd like a tiny bit of adventure thrown in please

Absolutely love your answers Steph!

I hope you guys enjoyed finding out a bit more 
about Steph and her blog Priceless Life of Mine.

Much love

Heather ♥


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